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A Friendly Reminder for the Community: Selling Artwork is NOT Allowed in the Gallery!

Hello Haveners!


We've recently noticed an increase in the number of gallery posts that allow for purchases to occur directly on the post. This is not allowed and all artwork must be sold within the forums at this time (wink wonk). Our forums are regulated places that are designed to protect both buyers and sellers from possible scams or fraudulent behavior. Gallery posts, status updates, and your profile are designated areas for advertisement only. Additionally if you would like to set up an auction, please do so within the auction house section of the site. 


We have been working on solutions to allow for a better environment to buy and sell artwork. More information about these updates will be announced within the next couple of weeks! Our other planned announcements will also be posted within this timeframe. We apologize for the lack of updates, but we have been working quietly and diligently behind the scenes as we move forward into Art Haven 2.0! :hee:


Thank you!
The Art Haven Administrative Team

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