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New Website Theme is NOW LIVE!

This announcement is no longer active

Welcome to our new theme! 


Please keep in mind that some areas of the theme are still a bit of a work in progress - this is especially true for dark mode! Some links may display as broken, WHICH IS OKAY. They have blank coding as we make some additional decisions about what Art Haven 2.0 will look like in the future. The theme is about 95% complete with the last 5% to be completed within the next several weeks. This early release is also intentional, as some features and optimizations cannot be fully realized without input from our user base. Should you find any technical issue with the new theme, please contact support and submit a ticket to our Tech Department! 


Note: The "?" button that once directed you to our support page is temporarily disabled. We're working on adding it to our new coding! In the meantime, you can find the support page here: https://arthaven.co/support


Thank you all for your continued patience!


- The Art Haven Administrative Team

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