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Maintenance Update: PLEASE READ

This announcement is no longer active

Hello Haveners!


I've finished making all of my updates and adjustments to the site's features. I am happy to officially announce that a new member block system has been successfully installed and tested. A guide will be posted soon with instructions on how to block users from viewing your topics and your profile. Unfortunately, you will be unable to block incoming messages from users you have blocked through this system. Do not fret though! **You can still block them from messaging you!** Our software company has added their own "message blocker" to our base software, which basically means it's running on a different system than our new block system. I will include those instructions in the same guide. I hope to have the guide out either today or tomorrow. 


A new topic block feature is here! However, this is currently managed by staff only as the member block system does the same type of thing if you're trying to block a specific user. The topic block feature will be used for those who do not follow rules posted to the official Art Haven topics such as the Premade Market and Auctions. We had a similar system not too long ago, but the dev decided to stop updating their version of the plugin. Luckily someone else has picked it up. This will help us minimize spam as well. 


An internal notifications system is back that will allow the events and staff team to send out custom notifications both site wide and privately. 


Pending features: Personal watermarks for uploads to the gallery, an outside link pop-up to warn you when you are leaving the site, and potentially a system that will allow users to set their profiles as "private" for those who are not logged in/registered with Art Haven. 


While updating our new theme, our customized version is now incompatible with the current version... Soooo:

VERY VERY TEMPORARY: New theme is currently down, we are working on a fix. The theme's coding was updated and our customized version just needs to reflect the changes. So for now, old basic ugly theme is temp turned on. I'M SORRY FOR THE BRIGHT WHITE.

No ETA on this fix but it should not take long. I PROMISE. I don't want the site to be down all day, so I switched it back while we work on it behind the scenes. 

This has been fixed!


Pending rule/guideline changes: AI usage

While artists are allowed to set their own rules when creating their Terms of Service, Art Haven will officially block the use of AI's in the future. You cannot take an image you receive or have access to that was created by another artist and insert it into an AI generator. 

More details will be provided regarding this rule change will be provided at a later date. 

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