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A Note About AI Usage

Hello Haveners! 


A quick note to you all about AI usage:


The Art Haven Administrative team is currently reviewing possible guidelines and restrictions towards AI artwork. As previously announced, we will be banning users from taking artwork they've either purchased or otherwise obtained and inserting it into an AI generator. However, the sale of AI artwork is currently pending. Please refrain from selling AI related works until we have released our guidelines to avoid possible violations.


Please keep in mind this is a relatively new concept and while some sites may claim generated artwork is free to use, it does not always mean it is free to sell. If you have used AI generators whether for fun or for creative reasons, please be cautious when using these applications. Be mindful of their terms of service and privacy policies. As it stands with most generators, anything you feed into it, can and will be used in other images it generates. Failure to not abide set terms of service by these programs, may result in a DMCA violation. Which seems ironic as AI artwork in general is it's own DMCA/controversial subject.


If you have any comments or concerns regarding AI usage, please submit them to a member of the administrative team or via support ticket. We will take them under consideration during our determination. We will al so be discussing other subjects such as NFTs.

The administrative team consists of: @ Caedis @ Baah , and @ Fervent

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