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Due to recent events, reselling art is not allowed until further notice. Click for more information.

This announcement is no longer active


Hello GASRians,


It has become an exceedingly popular trend for users to “resell” artwork on our platform. (Non-Adopts)  While we do not officially endorse this practice, we tolerated it for the sake of an open platform with only one requirement in place: You must have direct permission from the artist(s) who created the work(s). 


Due to the incredible abuse in using our platform to resell art without proper permissions in recent weeks, we have been forced to discuss adding official regulations to our Community Guidelines regarding the reselling of any artwork that is not classified as an adoptable by its original creator.  Safety will always be our top priority, and we cannot let this continue at the current rate. Our members should feel confident that any work they are buying is legitimate, and our artists should feel confident that their works won’t be illegally distributed without their knowledge.  


This is not something we wanted to do and hoped nudging the community in the right direction with friendly messages and posted reminders would be enough.  We apologize deeply to those who have gone out of their way to make sure the reselling was legitimate. 


We encourage anyone to contact any staff member with suggestions on what we could do to allow this practice to continue without enforcing harsh restrictions.  Until that course of action is decided upon, no reselling of artwork is allowed until further notice.  This restriction is for artwork that is not classified as an adoptable by its original creator. 


Thank you for understanding,

GASR Staff

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