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This announcement is no longer active


If you have broken images in your shop/topic, profile, signature, etc., you must re-upload your images. If you see a shop/topic, profile, signature, etc. that is not yours but contains broken images, the owner must re-upload those images.


This is not a bug or glitch with your internet browser or with Art Haven.  In December/January, we made an announcement regarding having to upgrade our storage options which required transferring over 1.1 million stored images to its own server.  While 95% of all images transferred successfully, the other 5% did not and mostly consisted of random attachments.  Attachments are any images or videos you upload via the editor to add to a post/comment.  We stated that those broken images would need to be re-uploaded by the owners.


If you can't see any broken images, make sure to clear your internet browser cache to make sure everything in your shop/topic, profile, signature, etc. is displaying properly to those who view it.  To clear your cache on chrome, just hold down ctrl+shift+delete and make sure "Cached images and files" is checked, the rest is up to you.


Thank you,

Art Haven Team

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