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Concerning the Halloween Auction Winners

This announcement is no longer active

Hello Haveners!


We'd like to remind you that for the recent Halloween Auction, we introduced a new feature called "Minimum Sale Price" to artists auctioning off their work that allows them to set a minimum price the bidding has to meet for the item to sell.  If you were the highest bidder on an auction piece, but did not receive an email stating you have a pending payment for an auction that you won, it is due to the minimum price set by the artist not being met and the auction expiring without a sale.  This is not an error and is working as intended!  



If an artist sets a minimum price at $50, but the highest bid is only $40 when the auction ends, the piece will not go to the highest bidder and will be unlisted and unsold.  


This new feature was implemented after collective feedback from past auctions regarding some pieces selling at prices well below value to make it worth the artist going through the effort of selling it and gives them the freedom to try and sell the piece individually on their own terms after the auction ends.  We will take the data/feedback from this auction and use that to make tweaks and improvements to this as well as see where we could improve with this new auction system to make the next official Art Haven auction even better!


Thank you guys for your participation and helping us host a successful first auction in the marketplace!

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