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BOGO Elite Sale! Art Haven's annual buy one, gift one sale is live now. Click for details!

This announcement is no longer active

Art Haven's annual buy one, gift one Elite sale is on!  Buy a new Elite subscription OR renew a current Elite subscription, and you can gift the same subscription to friends, family members, or even yourself. 


Holiday Gift GIF by Dunkin’



How does it work?

Click on the link below to be taken to the BOGO options.  When selecting your subscription option, you will be asked to list a gift recipient.  Just start typing their (or your) name and select the appropriate account from the drop-down list.  Once your purchase is complete, you and the gift recipient provided will both receive the chosen subscription.


What if I or the gift recipient already have an Elite subscription?

No problem!  Your purchased time will be added to any currently existing Elite subscriptions.  You can check your current subscription status by viewing your purchases page and clicking "Manage" on your active Elite subscription.  Your expiration date will be listed in the left column.


How long does it take for the subscriptions to be added and/or updated?

Unless there is an issue that we need to contact you about, your Elite subscriptions will be updated the same day of purchase, or within 24 hours depending on time of purchase.  After your purchase, you do not need to do anything else for processing as it will be handled by our customer service team.



Click here to purchase!

Do not use your subscription manager to make the purchase otherwise you will be unable to select a gift recipient!

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