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Update: Elite Subscription Renewal Issues and Cancellations

This announcement is no longer active

Hello Haveners!


As mentioned previously, some members were having difficulties when purchasing items from the Art Haven store, or more specifically elite subscriptions and renewals. Those who were up for renewal discovered that while the funds were withdrawn, their elite subscriptions had been cancelled. We apologize for this inconvenience, but are happy to share that the issue has now been resolved! Due to some recent changes to our PayPal and payment processes, some information, such as billing agreements for reoccurring purchases, did not carry over once the changes were made. For those of you who did submit support tickets, we thank you for alerting us and can assure you that your elite subscriptions should now be fixed. For all of you who do have an elite subscription, please follow the steps below to ensure this does not occur to you:

  1. Navigate to the Art Haven store.
  2. Click, "Manage Purchases".
  3. Locate the correct purchase associated with your current elite subscription.
  4. Click, "Manage". 
  5. Cancel the subscription.
  6. You will need to purchase elite once again so that a new invoice is created and a new billing agreement is generated with our new PayPal. 

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us. As always, we greatly appreciate everyone's patience and hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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