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    Developer: Pixel Add-ons

    This file contains basic pixel shapes of various sizes.
    It also contains a medium sized pixel alphabet.
    All of these are basic shapes that anyone can make.


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    Pixel Add-Ons - Pack 1

    This pack includes 7 various small pixel items you see commonly around all pixel artwork, mostly used as accents.  These are pixelled the way I normally pixel them in the projects that I do, which may or may not be the same as you, which is why I allow editing to suit your needs!  Each type of item is saved on a separate transparent layer and can be easily cut and pasted into anything you're working on.  I am planning on making multiple pixel related packs in the future using various items at various sizes and styles.
    Items in Pack
    Stars Hearts Sparkles v1 Sparkles v2 Bullets Bows Oval Bullets


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