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Chronicles of a Fallen Love [3 SLOTS OPEN]

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i love couple GIF

I'll make this prettier if I have any success.


All artwork is handrawn/painted from scratch. 




-All GASR Rules apply!

-As soon as you confirm your WIP, please send the payment. (Tired of finishing art for people to not have it be picked up).

-Once final piece is received, you may not request any more changes.

-I will show a total of 2 WIPs. (changes should be made then if any)

-I don't spend much time on sketches. I sketch the base and begin painting. All sketches will be pretty sloppy. 

-I have the right to decline or cancel any requests (sorry real life hits hard sometimes)

-I only accept Paypal.

-You may add filters or minor changes to your artwork just nothing major.

-I'll provide you with a textless.

-I have the right to use any of art I made as an example.

-The more specific you are, the better I can capture what you want.



Bust - $10 USD PayPal

+Pet - $12 USD PayPal



I will do:





-Some Gore


I won't do:

-Mature Content







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Pose reference:














-fingers crossed-

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