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Design Art Haven's New Logo!

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Hey there Haveners!


We have a new name, but now we need a new logo. We know how talented our community is so we want to see what you guys can come up with! The logo must reflect us as a website and our new name, Art Haven. There are no requirements or limitations as long as you follow the Community Guidelines and keep the new name in mind. You can use the abbreviation, AH,  the full name, or just one of the letter... it is up to you!  Please keep in mind, this logo will be our brand and "face" so the design must represent us.


Unfortunately, there will be no voting and we may not use a the full concept of the designs we like. We just want to get the community involved and see what kind of ideas you guys have and go from there.  If there are multiple designs we like, we might combine the ideas and make it a logo out of it. Who knows!  


All entries must be posted in this topic. Have fun and let your creativity take over! 


If you have any questions/concerns, please feel to post below. 


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9 minutes ago, Milkpaw said:

Is there any specific size? 


Nope! It can be any size you want. However, we would prefer it not to be too small just big enough to see the idea and details.


(Chelly can correct me on this though, she kinda just threw me in and disappear :sketch:

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8Ms3mgq.png XVDogoF.png

I was actually just going to sit and admire what people came up with but I had a burning image in my mind that I just had to get out there.
I'm no logo designer but maybe someone can take my idea and create something spectacular with it but for now this is the best that I could do. 

Although not executed perfectly as it could've been I do believe that the simplicity of it is more attracting toward the eyes!
| The idea set behind this logo is to use AH's official mascot, Pablob. He's falling downward about to embed the tablet pen inside of his globby form, engulfing the words along with it! 

  • My only question is whether or not we would also get credibility for the logo design if our design attempt is chosen and/or used to inspire. (?) 
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