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[2019] Spook Night

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information-Halloween Movie 2.png


Greetings Art Haveners!

Join if you dare, for tonight we’ll be hosting a Halloween scare!

It’s time to pop some popcorn and get ready for a night of frightening fun. 


We invite all of our members to come and join us to get into the Halloween spirit! Today we will be watching a line-up of all of our favorite spooky movies - the more the merrier. As always, please be sure to read the rules and instructions below so you receive your reward for participation. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Crima.



Join the stream on our Art Haven discord server: https://arthaven.co/discord/invite/general/



rules-Halloween Movie.png

rewards-Halloween Movie 2.png

🎃 Please be respectful to all viewers in the stream.

🎃 Art Haven Forum Etiquette Guidelines all apply.

🎃 Keep your microphones turned off so that you are not disrupting your fellow viewers.

🎃 Failure to abide by these will result in your removal from the stream.

🎃 In order to recieve the reward, please take a screenshot whilst in the stream with your username visible and PM it to Crima .



All participants will receive the reward below:




dates-Halloween Movie.png


October 30th - 31st




participant-Halloween Movie.png

movies-Halloween Movie.png



















































The order in which the movies will be picked will be random. 




Sleepy Hollow 


 Scream 2

Scooby Doo

Monster House

The Addams Family



The Nightmare before Christmas

Corpse Bride

Sweeney Todd 





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The Spook Night has started and the first movie we'll be streaming is Corpse Bride followed by Scream! Grab your popcorn guys and join us in this spooky stream! 


We'll be doing a second stream at 2PM UTC for those from different timezones that might miss the first.


Remember to take a screenshot whilst in the stream and PM it to @Crima in order to recieve the reward! 


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That's great, I love halloween and I love marathons from spooky movies, count me in~

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Hello everyone!! 


Due to Discord only allowing 10 viewers + the Streamer (11 people in total) per stream, we've decided to up our streams to three!


When you enter the discord server, you'll notice three different stream rooms. Each room is hosting a different movie. Please feel free to join the movie stream you'd prefer to watch. You only need to watch 1 film to be considered a participant! 


Active Rooms and Films:


Stream Room 1: Corpse Bride

Stream Room 2: Monster House

Stream Room 3: Beetlejuice


If a room is full, don't fret! We'll be doing more films. 





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Here's an update on what's currently playing!


Stream Room 1: Scream

Stream Room 2: The Addams Family (Starting in ~5 minutes.)

Stream Room 3: Beetlejuice


Please make sure you are reading the above guidelines in order to receive participation awards.  Badges will not be granted to those who do not follow the requirements even if you attend the stream.


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2 minutes ago, Nessasweet said:

How do you watch exactly?

You have to join AH's discord server! , thats where the movies are being streamed :kwave: I think Alismora linked an invite link to the discord up top! ^^ 

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