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Sledda the Elf

[2019] Secret Santa Sign-Ups - CLOSED!

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☃ I'd like to be a part of Art Haven's Secret Santa! ❄

Examples of your art: ddaei0q-8e74bb3a-b077-4bf4-8430-e4956dcb dd9rcbk-0b83aa76-f8de-46f1-9b54-1471ea32 I also can do males
What will you be making?: a drawing or edit if you wish

I promise to deliver my gift on time and make it with the utmost of care!

From my Secret Santa, however, I would like...

Name/text: PixyP
References (or screenies): https://sta.sh/21wbkz0gsfiuhttps://sta.sh/217tyer2ayb9?edit=1
Extra Details: magical / fantasy / sweet or colorfulhttps://sta.sh/22aiqwi2tt4p! Artístic freedom

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