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[2019] Christmas Charity - Donations Closed

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3 hours ago, Smile said:

@Paradox Thank you for donating! I made Candee, I hope you like her!

Paradoxic-B.gif.3d935b9736a2b962d60490133ea0b080.gif Paradoxic-S-1.gif.693d6aaa4c7bbe060539610ed96cee4c.gif Paradoxic-S-2.gif.e99db1f84e9ef83ff3a62be1c58fc26b.gif

I don't know if this should be marked mature, so my apologies if so


She is beautiful! You did an amazing job! Not sure if it should be marked mature either, but thank you so so much!:klove:

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I would like to thank every single one of you for the donations and the artists for volunteering as well! :pblushing:

The Christmas Charity Donations are now officially closed!


This topic will remain open until all the orders are completed so make sure you keep an eye out on it! Artists will be tagging you and I'll also add their finished order to the Pick-up section for easier access!

If there are any issues or unclarities, please message me or any of the Event Coordinators!


Happy Holidays!! 


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