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[2019] Christmas Charity - Donations Closed

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A big thank you to all the volunteers whom have completed their orders so far! All the art is absolutely beautiful and we cannot thank you enough for your generosity and kindness! 

Keep them coming guys!


Please, remember to post the remaining orders by 31st of January 11:59PM AH time! 

A little over 5 days are left!


Thank you!


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The badges have also been sent out to the volunteering artists whom have already completed all their orders, thank you guys! 

The rest will be awarded as orders are completed.


Only a bit over 3 days left! 

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hace 20 hours, Crima dijo:

@aeeris Thank you once again for donating!! I hope you like it! :lazierblush:

Aeeris-DP.gif Aeeris-DP.png Aeeris-DP-sharp.gif Aeeris-DP-sharp.png





you did such a great job hnggg i wish i could have donated more but that's all i could do t.t

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@aeeris I am thrilled that you liked it as males are not my forte, haha! And it's completely alright, each donation was appreciated! Thank you!

@Craneo Thank you for finishing all your orders, amazing pieces! 


Only 2 days left before the deadline

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I had two of mines finished for like 2-3 weeks ago, but I wanted to finish all so I could post , sorry :bcri: I PM the owners a while ago so they already had their drawings


Noxey: Donation1C.png.76f9cdc51f8b2e193474dc1e27bb6058.png   Melina: Donation2B.png.3414610fbbb3828d59930b071d2b222e.png    Danielle: Donation3B.png.93758539b5e81a28f9094695977506b9.png  Donation3C.png.e832f7bf192d37d8ad8cceef3550b049.png

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Last 24 hours guys, let's go! :lazepeek:

Please remember to post the finished pieces before 31th of January 11:59PM Art Haven time to be granted the award! 

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On 1/21/2020 at 2:25 PM, Meraki said:

Here you go! Hope you like it!

(btw i don't think the link for misha is working - i think i got on it once but it is now telling me the page doesn't exist: maybe it's just me)



Sorry I'm just seeing this now! Thank you for letting me know and I love her very much!!

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Ugh, so, I haven't been able to sleep past few days, I'm almost done with Sheeply's piece, but I hate working on stuff with fuzzy brainzz..~ x~x''
I WILL get it done by this weekend, I'm hoping this delay is ok? D;
I'm so sorry, just been having worse insomnia than normal, since mom killed herself before xmas and been dealing with that shit..
TMI maybe, but I wanted to give proper reason for the delay, I hate missing deadlines I've decided to keep.. :T

I do have two WIPs, didn't like the female I was doing for them, so decided to try male, but .. UGH. XDD (just proof I ain't shitting I'm working on it!! >O>)




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The Christmas Charity has come to an end!

Thank you everyone whom donated once again and of course thank you to our volunteers! 


Those whom still have orders left and were not able to make it by the deadline, do not worry! 

We completely understand the delays, you will still have time to complete your orders as I will PM you shortly with more information. 



For any issues or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me or any of the Event Coordinators.


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