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[2019] Emoji Challenge

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Had to participate in this!


Cocktail Glass Hibiscus Desert Island

Set 2:



I've arrived from vacation yesterday, I carry in my bag doses of cocktails and fresh flowers, I can still smell them.

I hope the return can be so good as the beach and sunny days I've catched and gonna miss! 

(Holidays in Puntacana) :cutehehehaaas:

Wilted Flower Octopus Flying Saucer 

Set 5:



This year I've found that we can be taken by one simple nave of time.. she can take us away like the humans take an octopus from the ocean.

That nave made me cry for my little baby octopus, she went away for another planet for some months... 

But when I was falling like a rose falls in the winter she came back, to make me look like brillant and pretty flower. 


Balloon Teddy Bear Drum

Set 14:




Five years ago live gave me a teddy boy, I've been aunt, I've got so happy that I could hear the drums play really loud!

Ballons explode with  happiness at his arrival, he is the best of me!

I've never tought that my teddy boy could make me hear so many pretty drums and make me see so many ballons of happiness.

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just found this challenge :aww: wish I saw it sooner bt I'll do something quick :phearteyes:


Set 21:

Video Game Skull Anger Symbol

hey so like finish dis Lina - 3 -




bfs idea: so draw a guy with a skull as a head throwing a controller on the ground 

with mad emoji on his head




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 SET 8: 
Ghost Herb Carousel Horse
I'm going to work on another one later and fix a few things on this one 
but I really enjoyed making these! thank you who came up with this idea! It's been a long time since I finished something

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~ SET 8 ~

Ghost Herb Carousel Horse



On sale - If you are interested send me a PM~ I give art it in 2 versions with 2 sizes each (Big size and avipic each)


~ SET 21 ~

Video GameSkullAnger Symbol


On sale - If you are interested send me a PM~ Only avipic size

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