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[2019] Christmas Movie Night

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P L E A S E   J O I N   U S   F O R   A   S P E C I A L




H O S T E D   B Y



D E C E M B E R  21  S A T U R D A Y

1 2  A M  U T C   A H   T I M E


We ho-ho-hope you can join us for a special movie night this Christmas. We will be streaming Christmas movies suggested by the community in our official discord server so jingle your way over to the server if you're not in there yet! Please make sure to read over the rules and this topic so you can participate in this jolly event! 


Unfortunately, the Grinch is working overtime this year to prevent us from having too much fun. We are sad to say that only 10 viewers can be in a channel with a streamer but worry not! Santa made sure Christmas won't be ruined so there will be at least 1-2 Elves streaming the movies at the same time. The Elves will go back to the North Pole when they are done hosting all the movies listed below. We hope to see you sleigh into the fun with us!



T H E   R U L E S

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Please be respectful to all viewers in the stream.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 AH Forum Etiquette Guidelines all apply.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Keep your microphones turned off so that you are not disrupting your fellow viewers.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Failure to abide by these will result in your removal from the stream.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Follow the instructions below to get the badge.

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Most importantly - have fun and a happy holiday!



pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399  I N S T R U C T I O N S  pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399

In order to receive this participation badge:




You need to take a screenshot of yourself being in the stream and send the screenshot to an Event Coordinator on AH, not Discord! Please make sure your screenshot shows your username and the movie that is playing.


Note: The Discord streaming option might not be available on some phone versions. If you notice that you can't see the 'Streaming Live' option, your phone might not be compatible. We suggest trying to go on PC in that case.


Badge by Crima | Table by Fervent | Free to use vectors by freepik.com | Holly Pixel by apparate on DA






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W E   W I L L   B E   W A T C H I N G




The Grinch (2000)

Home Alone 1 (1990) 

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

The Santa Clause 1 (1994)

The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Jack Frost (1998)

Klaus (2019)

The Polar Express (2004) 

The Christmas Chronicles (2018) 

Elf (2003)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

Frosty the Snowman (1969)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town (1970)

The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974)


The order in which the movies will be played will be random.




pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Amputate

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Mattie

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 iyfrr

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 TheElf

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Arianna

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Sabbatic

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Pris

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Weebus

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 LilMooMoo

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Tauro

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Pupper

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Vangst

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Sorami

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Nikki

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Sei

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Moose

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Luxor

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Meepie

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Groan

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Slug

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Egyptian

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Shelby

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Vee

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Dox

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Taylor

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Alismora

pixel__christmas_holly_by_apparate-d3399 Borderlands














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Christmas Movie Night will begin in an hour and we'll start it off with a very recent one.. Klaus!

Hope you can join us! 


If you'd like to join, make sure your discord is linked to your Art Haven account and that you will be in our Discord server where the stream is. 


Remember to take a screenshot whilst in the stream and PM it to an Event Coordinator in order to recieve the reward! 



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Currently playing in Stream 2: How the Grinch Stole the Christmas


Please remember to follow the rules and guidelines in order to recieve the participation award! 

If the room is full, don't worry, there will be more movies! 

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saturday night live christmas GIF

Edited by WifiWifey
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I want to join especially for polar express :d8:

is it too late ??

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Thank you everyone whom has joined us! The Christmas Movie Night is officially over! We hope you enjoyed the movies and have fun!!


Happy holidays and Merry Christmas! :phearteyes:


If you do not recieve your reward within the next few days, please PM an Event Coordinator.



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