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[2020] Lunar New Year Celebration

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9 hours ago, Ebbu said:

Happy lunar new year everyone,

Would love to participate in the overlay but not sure on how to go about it, if anyone could help me out, just want to use any of the lanterns?

Is there a specific DP you would like it on or on your current profile picture?

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Unfortunately I can't participate in the second event, but i'm glad I'm able to at least do the first one

ANNNND I'm glad to find out that I'm a tiger :')


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this was so fun to draw! the qipao detailing c r a m p e d my hand to hell though :otrololol:(referenced qi pao from akinokurumisan @dA)

btw, i changed my display name from quinnums --> quinn!

even though this year started off r o u g h, im staying positive! 

literally me yesterday:ipayday:


chinese new year.png

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