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The issue where the option to mark an item as mature would not appear has now been resolved.  We are still aware of the issue with members not being able to mark topics as mature and are still working to fix this.  If you are wanting to create a mature topic, make sure you message a member of staff asking them to mark your topic as mature before you upload any images that may violate GA guidelines.


All issues have been resolved!

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The "Radar" tab has been removed from the dashboard and replaced temporarily with an "Activity" tab while we get ready for the future marketplace transition.  This will function similarly to the status updates you posted via Radar, but instead are forum shop topics.  Please be mindful of this when you go to post from there that you are creating a forum topic or responding to a forum topic, not creating/responding to a status update.


You can continue posting status updates for your followers by going to your profile.


We are on the second phase of beta testing and so far things are going as smoothly as can be expected for a beta test.  Remember to react to the March 8th post if you're interested in joining the beta test as we will periodically invite new people!

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