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Awaii Apparel | OPEN

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  Hello everyone! My name is Stephen, but you can just call me Max! I have had a hobby for the longest time of making custom shirts, wallets, leggings, and other apparel! I have since made it into a business and I am excited to bring it to you!!!! I will be operating just a tad slower than usual since I am just starting and I have a lot of different material to uncover! So come with me on this journey and let's find out together!   



So with custom shirts we're very selective on design and which materials to use etc. I usually use a vinyl for simple silhouetted designs, but I have since moved to an ink base material so that I can get a better feel on the shirts! Ink is usually more expensive than vinyl or something that would require a lot of colors. If requested I can make shirts using a print to cut material which prints the design and then I heat-press it onto a shirt. 


Custom Apparel can very from product to product. Depending on (once again) the material it can also be difficult to press things onto certain material as some material melts under the intense heat of the heat press. Many plastic based items like some mesh masks will more than likely melt under the heat-press causing more bad than good. I also do stickers and decals which are waterproof via vinyl, but they are still very simple designed. 



 DP-_EXAMPLE-1.jpg  DP-_EXAMPLE-1.jpg  ezgif.com-crop.gif.d1732471891c757cbd0ac2f46e28c1a1.gif  image0.jpg.99403597929792cdd92734e8636ae619.jpg




**Prices are dependent on design AND material the prices below are just a range to base off of**

Vinyl Shirts - $20 - $35 

Print to cut Shirts - $20 - $35 

Ink Infused Shirt - $30 - $50 

Vinyl stickers - $5 - $20 


Sizes and more

Sizes range from XS-XXXXL 

(pricing does go up for larger sizes) 


Print to cut 

I can print YOUR art on a shirt FOR YOU! 

It will NOT be ink infused, it will be a material on a shirt, but it's great for personal use! 


All prices do NOT include shipping & handling



Just in case 

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