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[2020] May You Stay Healthy

[2020] May You Stay Healthy

Which charity should the proceeds go to?   

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  1. 1. Vote for the charity the proceeds will go to!

    • Feeding America
    • Doctors Without Borders
    • The World Health Organization
    • Oxfam America
    • The Red Cross
    • World Central Kitchen
    • Team Rubicon
    • Half-Table Man Disaster Relief

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Hello Haveners! We hope you are doing well and being safe. The past few months has been unpleasant and during times such as this that we must stay strong and support each other. As you know, late last year a new virus has been making its way across the globe and spreading from one country to the next. The coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) is the name given by the World Health Organization for this new virus strand. The virus is transmitted through droplets emitted by an infected person through their coughs, sneezes, or talks. The virus can live on surfaces of different objects for a certain amount of time. It is important that you do no touch your mouth, eyes, or nose before washing your hands. It is also important that you remain six feet away from another person because of how easily the virus is transmitted. We believe that as long as everyone understand and is informed about this new virus, we can overcome this outbreak. Below we will provide some useful information about COVID-19 to help keep you safe. 




A few tips on staying safe and preventing the spread of COVID-19:

✦ Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds often and especially after going to public places
✦ Use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and water isn't readily available
✦ Avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes with unwashed hands
✦ Practice social distancing by keeping at least 6 feet away from others when out in public
✦ Cover your mouth and nose with a face mask when you go out in public. If mask isn't available, use a cloth instead
✦ Avoid non-essential travel and stay at home as must as possible
✦ Cover any coughs or sneezes
✦ Frequently clean and disinfect surfaces you touched often
✦Stay away from people who are sick or at high risk


Unfortunately, people with COVID-19 have had a wide range of symptoms reported. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after being exposed to the virus. The symptoms ranges from mild to severe and usually in a combination of the following:

✦ Cough
✦Shortness of breath
✦ Fever
✦ Chills, sometimes with shaking
✦ Muscle Pain
✦ Headache
✦ Sore Throat
✦ Loss of taste or smell

If you have experience any of the symptoms or a combination of it, practice social distancing and isolate yourself. However, if it become severe or if you experience the following, please get medical attention immediately: 


✦ Trouble breathing
✦ Constant pain or pressure in the chest
✦ Bluish lips or face
✦ Sudden Confusion




With all the information provided,  the Events Team would like to take a different approach for this event. We want your help to continue to raise awareness through your artwork. Not only that, we want to provide a safe space for you to talk about how you have been doing during all of this. Below is a more in depth information for each section that you can participate in. You can participate in both if you would like but just keep it all in one post!


Drawing: Draw yourself/OC wearing a surgical/face mask with messages to stay inside as either a medical worker, essential worker, or yourself in quarantine. The message can be anything as long as it relates to the pandemic and your understanding of the situation. The person can be holding a sign with the message or it can be a chat bubble. Be creative!


Writing: We will call this a "check in" because we want you to check in and see how you are doing. We want you to know that there are people here for you and that you're not alone in this. Together we can come out of this stronger. We have provided some questions that you can answer or use it as a guide to help you start. You can talk about anything you want as long as it relates to the pandemic. 


Questions to consider:

✦ How are you taking care of yourself?
✦ How long have you been in quarantine? If you're not, how come and has it been difficult not to be?
✦ What habit have you started, or broken, since the outbreak?
✦ What’s something that you miss that surprises you? 
✦ How has it been affecting you mentally and physically?
✦ What are things you are doing to connect with others from home?
✦ Do you think this experience will change you? If so, how?
✦ When all of this is over, will you approach things differently? If so, what?




✦ Everyone is encourage to participate! You do not have to be an amazing artist, the message is what is important.

✦ You must draw either a medical worker, essential worker, or yourself/OC with a meaningful message.

✦ A message must be included in the drawing.

✦ Your entry can be digital or traditional as long as it is colored.

✦ Must be completed artwork. Sketches/WIPs will not be considered a valid submission.

✦ This is open submission, so post the submission below.

 Please put effort and time in your submission. We want you to fully capture the message behind your artwork.

✦ You may not sell any artwork created for this event. The character should be owned by you and this is not for profit but awareness. 



✦ Everyone is encourage to participate! We want to hear from you.

✦ The writing must relate to the pandemic and how it has affected you. 

✦  If you decide to just answer the questions, please be in complete sentences!

✦ You can include positive, motivational messages in your post. You can even make a poster design out of it, if you want!

✦  You may reply to others and be supportive but let's keep the conversations minimal. 

✦ Take some time to write out your submission so you can truly express how you feel. 

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May 8th - Unspecified


The event will go as long as it is needed.





You will receive the following badge when you participate in either section:




Unlike other events, you will get a badge within a week of your submission because we do not have a current end date. 






Below are various of places that we can donate and for you to vote on. We will have a donation pool here at ArtHaven and when the goal is met, we will donate to the winning charity. Please look through and vote on the one you feel is the best!


✦ Feeding America has a Covid-19 Response Fund that is helping to ensure food banks across the country can feed those in need right now, including the children who rely on school meals to eat.

✦ Doctors Without Borders is sending aid to the countries hit hardest by Covid-19 and strengthening the infection controls in its already established programs, as well as maintaining existing help in the 70-plus countries it regularly assists.

✦ The World Health Organization is coordinating efforts across the world to respond to existing cases and prevent the novel coronavirus from spreading.

✦ Oxfam America is organizing efforts to increase the delivery of clean water and sanitary supplies to refugees and those living in higher-risk environments.

✦ The Red Cross is in desperate need of blood donations if you're in a position to do so.

✦ World Central Kitchen is delivering chef-prepared meals to those in need.


✦ Team Rubicon, a veteran-based company that provides services during natural disasters and emergencies, has assembled teams across the country to help with logistics, packaging and distributing food, and even supplementing hotline staffing.


✦ Half-Table Man Disaster Relief has been working to feed those in need, including the Coast Guard in Staten Island and the elderly.

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Hi Haveners!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask! This event is a bit different in certain ways from our typical ones but we're here to help! :pblushing:

I'll provide a link to the donation pool as soon as it's live! Make sure to vote for which charity you'd like to see the donations go toward!  

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This might be quite lengthy, but I'll try my best to collect my thoughts and keep it cohesive!


I currently reside in the USA, Midwest to be exact. I never expected this virus to spread in the manner that it has. I still remember hearing about the first 2 cases in the U.S. and thinking "oh that's wild, but they'll contain it." Boy was I wrong. It's so easy to not acknowledge something so terrible when it's not right in front of your face. I still think I struggle to wrap my head around how real this is. I know it's dangerous and I know that people right now are struggling IMMENSELY. I just sometimes can't muster the strength to fully process just how rough it's been. This has really left a heavy imprint on doing simple daily tasks, such as drawing, showering, eating healthily, and working out (not that I did much of that prior... LOL). I want to be transparent, because I feel like a lot of people are struggling in the same way I am. I think it's helpful to relate in a time like this - you feel less alone. I've worked on my mental health for a couple of years now, really getting to a place I'm extremely proud of. However, one of my coping mechanisms when I was in a tough place was to isolate and just spend all of my time online away from those irl/ sleeping literally all the time. With this virus, we HAVE to isolate and it was hard to separate my head-space; reminding myself that I wasn't going back to unhealthy habits, but rather keeping myself safe. If any of you feel that way - PLEASE just remember that you've worked so extremely hard to get to where you are and it takes more than this to revert you back to that place. You're strong, loved, and not alone. If any of you guys just need a friend to talk to, you can reach out to me!!


I want to also just say that even though my state hasn't been hit as hard as other places in the world, I am so SO appreciative of our essential workers. Yes, even you fast food/retail workers. You guys are risking your health physically and mentally, and I can't thank you enough for what you're doing. Our world would be in a really awful place without people like you guys. Please stay as safe as you can!!



Thank you guys for this event and I look forward to reading the many stories and seeing the artwork created for it. :walove:

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I wish I could say the beginning of 2020 has been going how I wanted. I wish I could say I've been spending as much time with my friends and travelling to see my family like I promised them I would. I even wish - surprisingly enough - I could be at work right now. The pandemic has not been kind to anyone and it's times like these where a mental toll is taken on us. Coming from someone who struggles with social anxiety, I never thought having to stay home and physically isolate myself from the world would be as hard as it has been. It's times like this that make me feel so much more grateful for my friends and family that I so desperately miss.


For the first few weeks of the pandemic I isolated myself not only physically but emotionally as well. I was at such a low point that I didn't even want to text or call my friends, and I never communicated with the family I live with. I would spend my days sleeping as a coping mechanism. I thankfully soon realized how I was only hurting myself even more during such an already awful situation, and that nobody deserves to feel this way. Sure, I couldn't see my friends or family physically, but I can still interact with them through the power of ~the internet!~ I started Discord calling and video chatting my friends every day. Some days we'll all sync a movie, other days we'll all pick a video game and play online multiplayer. I'm currently talking to some of my best friends as I write this, because honestly, they are what motivate me to keep going through these times.


You are not alone. It's okay to ask for help. If anyone who reads this feels lonely or needs someone to talk to, even if it's just to rant, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.


Also thank you to all of the people who are still working through the pandemic, and thank you Art Haven for this event! I'm excited to read everyone else's stories and look at all the amazing art.

Please take care & stay safe! :klovee:

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Hello, I will be as brief as possible and honest. I'm a nurse to be exact I'm the head of the emergency room. It has been very difficult for me, because I am also a mother and I have a home to attend to. I live in Colorado and have been in quarantine for 35 days. It has not affected me physically nor my son nor my husband.I always leave home at 4:30 am because my shift starts at 5:00 am. In the hospital we take all precautions. And for patients who are infected we have other types of measures to transport them to the treatment and recovery room. never thought that this year everything would happen to me, I lost my grandmother in February and went into a deep depression. Later I thought that with this pandemic I would be at home, which has not happened and will not happen. I work up to 16 hours, I have suffered a lot because when I get home I have to go in the back, take off my clothes and bathe with certain chemicals that they give me at work.And Since I am disinfected from any bacteria, I wear clean clothes and even if I want to hug my husband or my son we prefer to keep distance.I participate in a donation program for food, clothing in good condition and clean, only with what I can because I am not a millionaire.I never thought that this pandemic affects the United States so much, or rather the whole world.I focus on the United States because I live here is my country, and we have the highest number of infected and dead.Please take care of yourself, wear your masks, avoid physical contact between people, keep your distance. My husband also works in the same hospital where I work and he also has to go through the same process when he gets home.In order not to go into more detail because it would take too long, I ask you to be at home and protect yourselves and your loved ones. If someone is exposed, please respect their home and do not visit them.I hope to contribute a little of my situation to this community, I feel blessed and grateful to God because despite the fact that my work hours increased and we have been in quarantine for many days, they are 35, but I think it will extend at least in the city where I live. Finally stay home, take all necessary measures.Stay home, take all necessary measures.Remember that we are nurses and doctors doing our job to the best of our ability.God with us and bless us.Stay home and safe.

PS: Thanks to Art Haven for letting us share our experience and taking the time to read each one we share.I really needed to take out the mental stress that I bring. Thank you for reading. You are not alone and please if you think you are in danger call 911 and ask for help.:bthanks:

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This whole thing is quite surreal. We all went from no concern at all to being stuck in quarantine in a matter of hours. My chronic illnesses make me more susceptible to illnesses so i haven't left my house since march 13th. It's taken a big toll on my family and I. Thankfully my mom can work from home and my dad is an essential worker so our income isn't compromised, but many of my friends and family are struggling to get by. One of the hardest things about this is seeing how harshly its effected my loved ones. Although it seems trivial, some of my closest family wont be able to walk the stage at graduation. Im very active in the theatre community and its heart wrenching to know that i wont ever be able to act with the same group of people again. Just today, the concert that i have been looking forward to for months, was cancelled. Hopefully if we all do our part we can get through this and come out stronger.


Self isolation really has messed with my mental health. My sleeping schedule is all out of wack and I find it hard to even eat without the structure of normal life. Lately, ive made strides for my own health and wellness, though. Unfortunately i didn't really have many friends before all of this, so ive been sooooo lonely. Ive been chatting alot in discord servers to try and socialize a bit. It really sucks that i dont have anyone to have genuine conversations with in a time like this, but ive been getting by. I think it's important that we all realize that there is no expectation to come out of quarantine 'better' or 'prettier' or 'smarter' than before. Coming out of quarantine healthy and happy is the biggest priority. 


Im extremely thankful for all the essential workers. nurses, doctors, fast food employees, government workers, journalists, grocery store employees, uber eats drivers, teachers,  all of you. Essential workers are really the only thing making life feel a little bit normal and im eternally grateful!! and to everyone else who is doing their part and staying indoors, thank you.

if anyone is feeling lonely,  left without any friends, or needs someone to talk to, hit me up!!!!! i'd love to make some friends. my discord and instagram are linked to my account and in my bio.


i sure hope you were washing your hands before all of this, but please continue to do that and stay safe!!:klove:

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I'll be honest. I wanted to do much more with myself this year, but with this horrible pandemic, I feel like I'm pushed back to what I was doing years ago. Not really accomplished much except working on my Masters. Drawing, Writing, Gaming, Reading, ect. keep me busy so I'm not feeling trapped within four walls. Not like it's a REAL problem since I'm a homebody. If I don't have to go out, I'm staying my ass inside. I've always taken care of myself, but I take more steps to further protect now more than ever. I feel I have become more OCD after high school when it comes hygiene and my health despite the slight laziness there, lololol. For real though, I wanted 2020 to go in a whole new direction for me. Hopefully, the summer will bring something good in all this madness! Much of my day by day activities haven't changed except for the fact I homeschool my niece now. Me and my sister take turns when she works. Since I'm mostly a recluse, I don't communicate to anyone except my family. Sadly, lost contact with any of my friends from high school. Darn. 


I also feel why this has laptops selling like hot cakes.


And what's with the ramen selling out!? D; I can't even get my favorite spicy ramen anywhereeeee. It's really annoying, but at this time, any food is essential. Plus, ramen is cheap, so I can understand for those who can barely afford to eat. I'd gladly give my ramen away to those who need it.


There's definitely going to be a new normal than last year. 


I truly hate all of this, to be honest. No blame on anyone, of course but this adds onto the problems we've already had. I thank god for the food/retail businesses. You never know how important even a fast food place can be until something BIG happens. I'm not thinking of future just yet, I'm taking it day by day and living in the now. Worrying about my mom and sister as they venture out into the madness. Nervous if there'll ever be a serious food shortage with these meat manufactures closing.




Hero GIFHealth Care Corona GIF by INTO ACTION



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We have been in quarantine for about 2 months now? I honestly lost track, supposedly it will be lifted May 15th but I'm skeptical. Being anti social and hardly leaving the house before the stay at home order I thought "this is cake its nothing I dont already do" but honestly? I've been struggling mentally I didn't realize how much I enjoyed going on trips downtown to see the historical buildings or try local restaurants, I took our small trips out of the house for granted and now I'm definitely feeling the consequences. part of me hopes it is lifted May 15th just so I can enjoy my small trips again but the rest of me knows if anything it will get extended. What really fucking sucks is months ago I had made plans to go back home for my little brothers birthday and I had to cancel them, I hate that I had to cancel them because I haven't my brother in over a year and I wanted nothing more to surprise him for his birthday and be able to be in the mountains again for a couple of days. I dont have it as nearly as bad as others but this has definitely put a massive dent in my mental health and I'm keeping it inside like an idiot because I dont want to unload it onto my friends who are probably going through the exact same thing.

My heart goes out to our front-line workers our health care workers, anyone who is essentially I have seen an ugly amount of people mistreating those putting their own lives and the lives of their  families on the line.
My heart goes out to everyone whose in school and was supposed to graduate this year and now may not get the chance to walk across that stage if that's what they wanted.
My heart goes out to couples who had planned to get married and now have to change everything and cant get deposits back.

We will get through this and hopefully we learn from this and continue to take these cautions.

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Hello!  since i would like to share my experience as  with you guys because as i became into more in this community im a treat you guys like family ♥ so here it is. I have been taking care of myself by washing my hands not alot alot because it makes my hands on my front of them get old like scalie so i don't do it too often but often to keep me healthy you know? and i have been not trying to get myself dirty or touch my face often. i also try to drink alot of water hydrate myself.  and eating right and not junk food. but i don't really eat alot  of that.  well i have been in quarantine  since it has been a thing because i never get out of the house tbh. im not a really social person in general. so its not difficult for me but i do have a mask tho when i do need to go to a doctors  like urgent. but its not really that hard.  what habit i have been doing? well i haven't really started other than watching more youtube videos or whatever. and editing more photos since i am a blogger on sl. and i do get bored lol.  but ever since the outbreak i am not able to go to events i would like to that i planned this year however,  i started to make things at home instead of going to restaurants.   How this pandemic   is affecting me  mentally? well i do have a anxiety mental illness so i do freak out more often now and worry more about not only my health but my grandparents because thats the only grandparents i will ever have and i want  spend time with them as much i can before i can't you know?  so when i have a cough i freak out.  and physically?  not much but staying as a mellow weight and stuff. just mentally its different now.  What i am connecting  more from home is second life, discord and social media more than i would usually. and play games more just treating myself with my amazing online friends. i think experience will change my mental state of viruses to take seriously because you can die of any illness you know? so i think this will mentally change of how i see things now.  when this is all over? i will slowly try to get exercise because exercise it good but i won't plan that for a while but however i will be more cautious about what i do around me and take care of myself. and think about things and be more aware you know? ♥ so yeah this is my experience i hope this was hopefully  helpful <3


Remember wash your hands and stay away from beaches and crowded stuff and don't be afraid to ask for help doctors are here for a reason to save lives and we must spread love to them. they are the heros and also to people that help to and thank you all for staying in quarantine  love you all stay safe ♥

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I'm a 911 dispatcher and there have been quite some calls regarding the pandemic. We have received calls about people being out of town and concerned that they are out Walmart and not following the orders. People have called to relate that there is an out of state license plate roaming around or driving through town, but they are in their car.. There have been calls regarding separated parents where one will take a child out of town while the other (usually the mother), will call in and complain or wonder about the regulations regarding their child being out of town. We would relay their messages and phone numbers to the officers so they can contact them.


Two stories that really stuck out were these two calls:

1. A guy had asked if he could get covid-19 from petting his friend's dog.

2. A guy called in wanting someone to talk to. He advised that he works in the medical field with people with developmental issues and he really really emphasized that he needed someone to talk to. He said that he wasn't suicidal but he wanted to vent and release his stress as he was extremely stressed and wanting someone to be there for him. We also relayed this to one of our officers which then gave him a hotline to talk to that would help him. We usually don't know the end result to our calls so I really hope that man got to vent and relate with others who are medical workers working their asses off to prevent the spread of the virus.


I live in a small town in Montana and so we do have our regulations and guidelines to follow and have had at least a few cases confirmed within our county. Everyone has stayed safe while trying to not go insane by going on walks with their dogs and keeping the 6 feet apart distances. I know people will scoff at the people who are walking their dogs or going for a bike run, but I think it's still essential in people who need to move so that those who are not used to being outside get that exercise and outside air they need. As long as you are following for your own safety and for the safety of those in the immediate area around you, all should be well. Although I'm still a little disheartened that people thought of this time to start buying more soap and actively washing their hands. All them ladies I've witnessed over the years leaving the public restroom not washing them hands, I'm eyeing ya'll. At least this can be a wake up call to you.

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✦ How are you taking care of yourself?

Well I shaved my eyebrows off last night LOL I just had a kind of impulse and I figured no one is going to see me, so... otherwise I’ve not been taking terribly good care of my health, that comes with the territory of mental health issues, stress, and anxiety Though. 
✦ How long have you been in quarantine? If you're not, how come and has it been difficult not to be? 
I have been house bound for two months now, since March 9th. Haven’t left the house except to walk around the block. 
✦ What habit have you started, or broken, since the outbreak?

I’ve started coming back to GASR! I hadn’t been Apart of the community in years! 
✦ What’s something that you miss that surprises you?

I miss my in person classes and I miss my classmates. 

✦ How has it been affecting you mentally and physically?
I have suppressed how it’s been affecting me because I have been working so hard to finish up the semester online, I think that once I finish up on the 9th I’ll know how I’m really doing. 
✦ What are things you are doing to connect with others from home?

I don’t know when I’ll see my family again because of this (I’m from the UK but living in America and right now I was supposed to be home but the corona virus had other plans). I have been FaceTiming my loved ones often and keeping in touch through iMessage. 
✦ Do you think this experience will change you? If so, how?

I think this experience will give me more separation anxiety with my family. My grandfather died last year when I was here in the states and I couldn’t fly back for a few months to be with everyone, I think knowing that there is a pandemic and I can’t see my vulnerable family members has caused me a lot of anxiety and stress. 
✦ When all of this is over, will you approach things differently? If so, what?
I won’t be so dismissive of people that are vulnerable to illnesses as being the “weak minority.” My sister has diabetes type 1 and this virus could kill her, I don’t think I had realised before that someone I love so dearly was apart of that minority I had often dismissed as being “just old people.” 


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I am going to make an art piece too but I would like to also vent a little about everything so I'm writing this as well.


Being at home is definitely something I am used to as I am not as sociable as I would like to be, still I did love going out and enjoying the surroundings. However, when it comes to being stuck at home because I have to, not because it's my choice, that's where it's become an issue for me. I would like to think I take pretty good care of myself but ever since I've been self isolating with my family for about a month now, it seems that I have neglected myself, my mental and physical health because all that I have right now in mind is "Is it going to be okay?" "Am /I/ going to be okay?" "How am I supposed to just go on and live my life when I know things may go wrong from now on?" "Is the anxiety ever going to stop" and thoughts like that which have completely taken over my daily life. And that's not even the worst part of it. While I may try to take as much care of myself as I can, there are still people that I see every time I go out that /do not/ properly equip themselves and that upsets me the most. Not only are they being selfish but are putting everyone AS WELL AS themselves in danger and it baffles me how they can be so ignorant towards a situation like that. The fact that there is a virus going on it's not even the scariest part but the fact that people turn their back on the situation and are not respecting the imposed rules to better the situation, OUR SITUATION that is affecting out day-to-day lives. I miss socializing despite not being very good at it, isolation scares me when it's not voluntary and I know that by the time this is over, I will yearn the idea of human interaction because I know that it could be taken away from me any time and being alone is scary. I would definitely love to go out more once this pandemic is over, I would like to express myself more about how I am feeling and spend more time with the people I love and care about and just enjoy life. I would also like to take better care of myself and to bring awareness to the people around me so that they too can take better care of themselves so that we can be happy and healthy together. I hope everyone also is being very careful nowadays and protecting themselves not only from the virus but from other people as well. It's never going to be easy when not everyone is acting accordingly and we have to keep that in mind. Stay safe, hopeful and try to stay happy because that's one of the most important things that's keeping us sane right now. :walove:

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Hello Haveners! 

I have been reading most of the posts already written in this topic and I won't be extending too much because I relate with them. Specially with @Puppuccino, @Jukisan & @Ferns.

I have never been a very extroverted girl, so most of this quarantine: "I have been doing okay". I'm lucky to be at home, with my mum and my brother. But I don't have dad with me and most of my family is on the other side of the World. And I guess that's something, consciously and unconsciously, I have been trying not to think about too much. And sometimes, I don't quite deal with that.. too well. Like many of you guys have mentioned: "I don't want to bother anyone with my feelings and how negative I see things & the future". Psycologically talking, is pretty hard. Not being able to book a plane ticket as we did before, and go and see the family. Mostly because I remember that a year ago, I lost my grandpa. One of the fewest men in my life who I love endlessly. And for circumstances out of my power, I couldn't be there for him in his latest moments in this World. Since that day, I promised myself I wouldn't let that happen. Ever again. And here we are, with this pandemic.I pray that no one of my beloved ones, gets sick, a cause of this virus. That's one of the reasons, I have been very conscious, when I go out. Which mainly is to get food and the pharmacy.

I have been following the guidelines given by the government and The Who, plus a little extra. Mostly, because my mum is someone who is considered "vulnerable person". 

Another topic affecting me, on a daily basis, is the economic part. I haven't allowed myself to watch too many news. To be honest with you guys, they truly affected me on the beginning of the quarantine. You could feel bad vibes everywhere in my house. So I stopped watching them and allow myself to see them two days per week. To avoid being paranoid and have anxiety. But yeah, the economy is something that really triggers my mental health. Currently, I am not working. I was in the middle of the process of getting accepted in a French clinic to work, when all this thing came out. So here I am being patient. Every day a little more. And is hard to be patient and to keep having faith. But we have to. 


So like many of you, I can't understand why some people, seem not to care at all. How they can be so selfish. Is like if they were saying: I don't mind not working for 2-3 months. I don't want things to go back as they were before. We, as society. As people living in the same planet. We all should be concerned about this situation and doing whatever we can, to get through this together. 

Even the tiniest things, can make a difference! The future seem uncertain, right now. But that doesn't mean that things won't get better. 

Things will get better. If we do what we can. We will be okay, eventually. 


I don't want to extend more.Just reminding that we are all in this together. And that no one should be left behind. No matter their age, sex, religion or ethnicity. 

I'm glad to have read some of your stories. You have showed me, I am not that alone as I thought I was. If you need a friend, here are some awesome people who are willing to meet and know you. And perhaps, listen you when you feel like you have nobody else. 

So I wanted to thank you. Oh, and also appreciated to all the medical staff who have been working very hard to help the most needed! So as anyone else, who have been helping too by staying at home. 


Looking on the bright side, I love hearing and reading stuff about how our world is regenerating and getting a little more greener. Day by day. 


Keep safe, Havener! <33


(Whenever this finish, I will celebrate my birthday by ordering from my favorite restaurant :hee:

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I will like to say, " Thank YOU ". 

To all the Doctors, Nurses and individuals who work in the healthcare and risk helping us to fight COVID-19.


During this lockdown it has been good and bad. I have heard some bad news in my family, that people was infected with the virus a few have survived and a few have fought it. It has been rough, although I have to be strong and continue to keep myself and my family in my household safe.  


During these time you see how inhuman people can be, I tried to get household belongings and food. And the stores have been EMPTY.:smh:

I live in the middle of no where and It doesn't make sense how people are reacting over simple things as tissue or even a pack of wipes.

Im happy that I have coupon before all of this and learn how to get large amounts of household belongings to at least keep my family ready. Some of you know I'm a mom, and school has been shut down until August although they thinking about not opening school until even further. I appreciate their teachers still emailing school work or factiming them to see how my children are doing. But I have to still home school my children in the mornings and until noon. And let just say that is not going well, since everyone is on different levels and not interested. The youngest some how always loses her crayons when given a activity. I started to notice a pattern and found out she just stuffing it all in her pullup while she watches me look around like a crazy lady. :lazeshadow:


Work Quarantine GIF by Scary Mommy


Meanwhile everything seem like its cooling down and my family including myself still can't go outside like we want to, I have decided to get family board games and things to do together. I bought hungry hippo, clue, monopoly, and etc. This generation is not into games like this and rather play video games. They look at me and was like.  " Mom what is this "? And was only interested in hungry hippo but got bored of the others. So I saw a commercial about the Nintendo Switch and ended up buying one for all of us to play and let me say things got even more competitive. We played Mario Kart for hours, girls vs boys! And I haven't seen my children ready to defect each other I was shocked and worried should I even let them continue to play. It started to look like war was forming in my living room. :lazekick:. They use to be so nice to each other and share, now every second they fighting or calling the other person is a loser at a game. Than things really gets real to the point where I or their father have to step in. 


angry tv show GIF by CBBC

( accurate my children all day )


As I keep my household clean and sanitized, I am still worry to who to let in or come on. When ordering food I don't let the delivery person come in. I either let them drop it off at the window or on my patio. And they dont have a issue with it. Im glad since some of the stores like Target, Walmart, and local restaurants are doing their best at safe distancing. Now when shopping you can't enter unless wearing a mask or gloves where I live. But people are still out here being ignorant by wearing gloves and eating with them or sneezing into their hands while wearing gloves and touching objects! I saw this guy cough on into his hands than touched bananas, I was so upset I had to tell the store clerk and they ended up kicking the guy out and removing all the bananas. Like no one got time for that and that's not fair for other buyers, so I couldn't be silent because someone could get sick. And I wish people take this more serious, and not think this is a joke!. 


Days Later, I started to have this feeling in my throat and my eyes got all itchy and started to turn red. I was having a whole panic attack. I was crying like a big baby and closed myself out from my family. I didn't want to touch anything and ended up going to the doctors that evening. As I was in the doctor office having a fun melt down, the doctor came back with my results and was like, " why was you so afraid, it was only your allergies ". I suddenly was like.. are you serious and what you mean why was I afraid. But during this whole lockdown I forgot about my allergies and a little bit I forgot my name when was asked became I have been so busy with all type of things to do. That situation tough me to stop over reacting to little things and keep a steady head to also keep calm. I worry way too much but its getting better.

My birthday finally came a few days after, and it was cute how my family set up a lockdown birthday for me lol.

My kids drew some pictures of me in the house saying happy birthday and my love knows how much I love to go to the movies so he set the whole living room as if it was a movie theater. My children and him even made movie tickets from color paper and glitter. It was so cute and couldn't beat having so much effort done by people I love the most. We ended up watching " TROLLS WORLD TOUR ", I felt I was more into the movie than anyone. I became a huge kid at the moment while I was in my unicorn onesie watching the movie. I recommend everyone to watch LOL, especially if you have a family.


Trolls World Tour GIF by DreamWorks Trolls


As COVID-19 has a huge impact on our family life and living situation, we are continuing our safe distancing and making sure everyone stay safe.

I hope everyone in this event is doing ok and keep clean! Thanks for this event guys!:lazierblush:

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As a Healthcare Provider, I would like to give a shoutout to the community. You guys are working just as hard as us to end this pandemic! :pblushing:


I’m sure you’ve already heard it, but dealing with the pandemic has been quite difficult for me. Not only did it impact my work heavily, but it also took a toll on my mental health. I’ll give you all the juicy details about my life, because you are not alone.


I am a Direct Support Professional for a wonderful company that provides 24-hour homes for people with intellectual disabilities. During the 8 months I have worked here, I’ve been blessed to learn about 3 men (aka my clients). They never fail to take an opportunity to make you smile. These guys love to joke around, drink as much coffee as possible, and simply stay young in the soul. Aside from their disabilities, their older age also makes them high risk to COVID-19. The home used to be laid back with the ability to attend the outings they please, staff dressing casual like them, so on. However, the company had to put us on a rather stressful lockdown. Us staff are now required to wear a full uniform of protective equipment, and the guys can no longer leave the home for community integrations. I even had to take a week off because work required me to get tested (btw, not fun getting a q-tip shoved up your nostril). It just doesn’t feel like home anymore, and you can tell that it is affecting them. We try our best to fulfill their desires, but it will continue to be difficult until we are lifted from this lockdown. My heart breaks for my clients, but I know that we are doing a good thing by protecting them. So to summarize this section, clients in caregiving facilities are also struggling like we are. 

As for myself, I’ve only recently come to terms with my mental health. I was struggling with anxiety and depression for 5 years before it finally put me in a Psychiatric Ward. I learned a lot in the week that I spent there, with just me and my thoughts. It may seem like a scary idea, but I am honestly grateful for the experience it gave me. I left that hospital a new person, and I was ready to kick ass. I vowed that I was going to take care of this new person, as well as spoil her. 2020 was going to be the year I attended all these cool events, but that’s when COVID-19 had other plans for me. Everything that I had scheduled was either canceled, or rescheduled to 2021 (I have to wait another year?! Ugh). This surprise reminded me of the things I was not accomplishing in my youth. The pandemic has dug me a deeper hole, and I feel useless again. But wait, maybe it opens up even more opportunities? That’s actually what it did! I’ve been reminded that outdoor activities still exist. You can maintain social distancing while hiking, fishing, kayaking, and even more. So, my message to the virus: I will not let you bring me down. I’m going to shine brighter than ever!


I’m sure this is all too much information, but I think it’s important that we stick together during these hard times. We are not alone in this world, and I hope that my words today remind you of that. We are doing an amazing job, and I encourage it to continue until the end! I pray for all who are struggling due to COVID-19. Thank you for your dedication, and I promise you that it will be worth it. 
Support Psa GIF by GIPHY Cares

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Thank U GIF

 I literally could not yell it louder for all the Healthcare Workers, Essential Employees, and AMAZING individuals that are staying home to save countless lives and protecting everyone's families.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! 




I'm a healthcare worker, I work in three story building built on rehabilitation and provides long term care. We are one of the only buildings currently COVID-19 free in the county and state. We go through extensive protocols in order to enter the building as well as come in contact, our administration is strict on the general guidelines and added emergency protocols as well. I work on the critical care unit which is one of the most vulnerable areas we have, it's saddening to see my patients in fear when we walk in with protective gear on. I'm scared everyday I go to work and have dread that today is the day we are going to announce that COVID has finally hit us. I know a lot of my patients if they come in contact will not survive and I will feel responsible for that. When COVID gets brought up everyday it seems to be a lingering black cloud on everyone's mind. I'm not one to be scared of things, but when patients ask me what is going on in the world I probably look worried but I try to remain positive for their sake. It's really taking a toll on my mental health, it wasn't perfect before but it's definitely not okay now. 

I'm so grateful for our community coming together, our building was in need of masks because at the beginning everyone freaked out and ran businesses out of stock so that really hit our county hard when it came to protecting our workers. We had angels come in and provide reusable masks for EVERYONE in the building, it had us all in tears when we saw the bags. Not only could we further protect ourselves, but our patients were able to feel some sort of relief when they had to leave their rooms. COVID has put a strain on our building, especially when so many of us had to take extended days off without pay because management wasn't able to keep non-essential staff on the floor but we all agreed among ourselves that we would all take certain days off in order to give other's struggling for money a chance. Our unit is a big family so we look out for each other even when we are all worried about our own families. 

Im 100% grateful for all my co-workers that come to work every single day with a smile, it really makes a difference. 

We work with our hearts and show love unconditionally. 




On a personal level, this entire pandemic has been nothing but constant stress, anxiety, and fear. I'm a easily stressed out person regardless a bit high strung sometimes, but normally I'm able to relax and not let it interfere with anything else. I shut down a lot, especially about things that worry me, I won't talk to people unless they reach out and if I do talk it feels forced and I tend to avoid serious topics. I've been having a hard time communicating my thoughts clearly as of late, it's taking a toll on professional & personal life. I write in journals, paint my feelings, and cope in anyway possible at this point. Sorry years of therapy, your struggling to get me through this part of my life. I worry about my animals in case I do come in contact with COVID that they remain in good health, COVID has been known to kill animals, my furbabies are one of the only things that really keep me going and ultimately the closest thing I will have to a child. 

 Some of y'all might know from the past cancer event that my grandmother was diagnosed and in treatment,  well.. she was cancer "free" until about late January / early February when the cancer stopped reacting to her "upkeep" treatments. She hid it from the family, but recently her health declined rapidly which landed her countless times in the hospital which she could no longer hide. I live about 3 hours away from her and try to pick up groceries and other things for my grandparents when I can. I spend most of my days off over there or doing something for them to make their lives easier and more protected. I set up a disinfect station on her front porch for everything to be wiped down before entering her house as well as designated shoes and clothing. She is definitely a compromised immune system so I can't touch her, I try my best to limit how long I stay and enter their house, my family is very loving so it's hard not hug and see her in the state that she's in. I feel really helpless in this situation, I can't go near the woman that raised me and got me out of an abusive household. COVID has made this 100 x worse. 

Annnyyywayyyysss, vulnerability time over. 

I'm sending everyone hugs from a far, I really hope everyone is doing okay mentally and physically. If you ever need to talk, my dms on Art Haven and Discord are always open. 

This community means a lot to me, I love it here! I would hate to see anyone not feel comfortable talking to others when we all should remember that we are human and even something small goes a long way. 

aww love GIF



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I also want to thank the essential workers, healthcare workers, etc. because I personally don't work in those fields but I can't begin to imagine what it's like. My heart extends to all of you, not just those people but even those quarantining because being stuck in your home for months isn't good for anyone's sanity, I feel. 




To be honest, I've done this before. I spent ages 16-early 18 squared off in my home. I took online schooling up until I was 17 so it didn't feel like the BIGGEST waste until I dropped out of school entirely lmao. I was young and stupid so I didn't think it was a big deal to waste that much time. Now I'm 20 and feel like shit for sleeping in until 12pm. The beginning part of quarantine was lowkey kind of a relief for me because I dread my job, but then it hit me that this is gonna go on for months. I have a plethora of mental disorders but the most relevant one for me is early-onset bipolar and boy howdy, that shit's outta control. I didn't come to the realization that quarantine was effecting me as much as it is until a few days ago, actually. To sum that up, I'm just really sad 90% of the time and fighting off an existential crisis but tbh it's always been like that. 


On the topic of family- I don't have much. I live with my mom and she's just about all I have. I have siblings but they're off doing their own thing, I worry about them but I feel like it's easier to worry about someone who's with you on a daily basis. Anyway, my mom's health is deteriorating quickly. Mentally and physically she's reaching her limit and it's fucking terrifying. We both work at a local restaurant and while I was laid off, she was working 80hrs a week (which she did prior to COVID but still) and is currently feeling ill. Earlier this week the store had a meeting and opened back up to 50% volume and that BLOWS MY MIND. COVID is still at large and these douchebags think that wearing some damn masks and some shitty 6foot markers on the floor is gonna prevent 20+ employees and dozens of incoming customers from catching and spreading it all through that store? For what? Money? I know people need jobs and money is tight but it just baffles me. They were doing well off just on to-go orders but no, that's not enough.



Anyways, I'm rambling but I'm honestly not doing so hot!! I know it could be so much worse and I'm grateful for life but sometimes it's hard not to be scared. I have faith that we'll come out on top of this, even if the path isn't linear and it's terrifying to take- there's a lot of good people out there and I firmly believe we'll make it through. 

My DM's are also always open to anyone who might need to vent or just talk. Please remember to practice the safety measurements recommended, hold and cherish your loved ones, and to keep your head up. 

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Hi guys, I hope everyone is taking care of themselves!  I have been trying my best to stay positive throughout this pandemic, though some days are harder than others. I’m a Veterinary Nurse and I work in Veterinary hospice and end of life care. Things have felt tougher than usual, but I feel blessed that my husband and I are still working throughout this period, and I really feel for people who have been put out of work because of this. Since I am generally an introvert/homebody, I did not think I would really be affected by everything, but just the small things like not being able to meet up with my friends for brunch or coffee, or going out to the movies or the gym, make me miss how things were.  I miss just being able to leave the house without having to worry.


On the plus side I have had a lot more time to work on my garden and after the last frost I plan to plant all my veggies and herbs which I have been growing inside for the past few months. Lots of love to all the healthcare workers and essential workers. Stay safe and hopefully this will all be behind us soon <3 <3

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