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[2020] May You Stay Healthy

[2020] May You Stay Healthy

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    • Feeding America
    • Doctors Without Borders
    • The World Health Organization
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    • World Central Kitchen
    • Team Rubicon
    • Half-Table Man Disaster Relief

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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all frontline workers! I hope you all keep safe and healthy. I hope this pandemic will end soon as it affected millions of lives.

I'm sure it will get better. Let's not lose hope! :klovee:


Here's a small art to thank all frontline workers! Thank you for all your efforts. My prayer is with you always!


Thank you Frontliners.jpg

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These are going to just be random thoughts of mine..


>It was pretty scary when things started becoming serious and it seems that some people STILL don't take it serious. 

>I was afraid to see my grandma even though she was one of those who didn't believe the virus was that contagious.

>Drove back to my parents house (little over an hour) to stay with them for a bit - at least that was nice.

>I still try to take care of myself by going walking in parks and such. To get fresh air and some exercise. 

>Recently my job gave the option to come back but I declined due to being high risk with shitty asthma. 

>Started telehealth therapy, it's very different but not horrible.

>The virus definitely made my contamination OCD skyrocket. 

>Unemployment has been awful. Can't get through to anyone and everything is so confusing. 

>Places being closed sucks but it really isn't the worse thing that could happen. Being bored is the best condition to be in. 

>I didn't think things could get worse after covid started, but right now there's a lot going on outside. I hope everyone is staying safe if protesting.

>I think after this ends we should all consider still keeping space and cleaning items that are touched often in public.

>I've surprisingly been loving the music festival livestreams.

>Selfishly, I miss Disneyland. Lol. 

>Lastly, I actually like online classes since I have a tough time getting myself to class. I know it's been very different for others and I respect that. 


Sorry for the rambling. 

Please take care of yourselves everyone. Thank you to everyone is part of keeping our world stable. 

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Here is some good and bad things in this covid19 time


- It was a little scary when the prime minister just says that all things are going to be closed

- I was just thinking about my last year of my gymnasium time -> What about my exams and all that kind of stuff?

- There is just so many things that are confusing and scary because people don't know what the prime mistister is going to say next

- My family was just working into some food out of the house in their restaurant

- I'm just trying to be positive, even if some things are closed at the moment

- In Denmark things are slowly opening up again because there is not so many people that is infected by the covid19 virus anymore

- I'm starting to go to my school again and things are going slowly as it was before

- I don't have as many exams anymore. Because of the covid19 (lucky me lol)

- And the last thing, i'm going to be a student in this covid19 time - i don't know if it's going to be boring or fun :bfcreep:


Be safe everyone!! :walove:

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>How are you taking care of yourself?

- It's just the same everyday. sleep, going to school and take some hand sanitizer, drive home, eat and sleep lol. So I'm taking care of myself pretty good. :lazepeek:
>How long have you been in quarantine? If you're not, how come and has it been difficult not to be?

- It all started in February, but in Denmark there isn't so many infected by the covid19, so it's just going the right way in my country right now. (I hope!):lazewhAAT:
>What’s something that you miss that surprises you? 

- I just miss going out with my friends and have some drinks and then party all night long:lazerollcry:

>How has it been affecting you mentally and physically?

- It has been a little depressing because I'm just alone with my parents lol :lazeroll:
>When all of this is over, will you approach things differently? If so, what?

- I will be weird to see all that people thats just close to each other again. So yeah, maybe I will see something different:lazepeek:

Be safe and careful everyone!!  Wear A Mask Stay Safe GIF by Chippy the Dog

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