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[2020] May You Stay Healthy

[2020] May You Stay Healthy

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    • Feeding America
    • Doctors Without Borders
    • The World Health Organization
    • Oxfam America
    • The Red Cross
    • World Central Kitchen
    • Team Rubicon
    • Half-Table Man Disaster Relief

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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all frontline workers! I hope you all keep safe and healthy. I hope this pandemic will end soon as it affected millions of lives.

I'm sure it will get better. Let's not lose hope! :klovee:


Here's a small art to thank all frontline workers! Thank you for all your efforts. My prayer is with you always!


Thank you Frontliners.jpg

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These are going to just be random thoughts of mine..


>It was pretty scary when things started becoming serious and it seems that some people STILL don't take it serious. 

>I was afraid to see my grandma even though she was one of those who didn't believe the virus was that contagious.

>Drove back to my parents house (little over an hour) to stay with them for a bit - at least that was nice.

>I still try to take care of myself by going walking in parks and such. To get fresh air and some exercise. 

>Recently my job gave the option to come back but I declined due to being high risk with shitty asthma. 

>Started telehealth therapy, it's very different but not horrible.

>The virus definitely made my contamination OCD skyrocket. 

>Unemployment has been awful. Can't get through to anyone and everything is so confusing. 

>Places being closed sucks but it really isn't the worse thing that could happen. Being bored is the best condition to be in. 

>I didn't think things could get worse after covid started, but right now there's a lot going on outside. I hope everyone is staying safe if protesting.

>I think after this ends we should all consider still keeping space and cleaning items that are touched often in public.

>I've surprisingly been loving the music festival livestreams.

>Selfishly, I miss Disneyland. Lol. 

>Lastly, I actually like online classes since I have a tough time getting myself to class. I know it's been very different for others and I respect that. 


Sorry for the rambling. 

Please take care of yourselves everyone. Thank you to everyone is part of keeping our world stable. 

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Here is some good and bad things in this covid19 time


- It was a little scary when the prime minister just says that all things are going to be closed

- I was just thinking about my last year of my gymnasium time -> What about my exams and all that kind of stuff?

- There is just so many things that are confusing and scary because people don't know what the prime mistister is going to say next

- My family was just working into some food out of the house in their restaurant

- I'm just trying to be positive, even if some things are closed at the moment

- In Denmark things are slowly opening up again because there is not so many people that is infected by the covid19 virus anymore

- I'm starting to go to my school again and things are going slowly as it was before

- I don't have as many exams anymore. Because of the covid19 (lucky me lol)

- And the last thing, i'm going to be a student in this covid19 time - i don't know if it's going to be boring or fun :bfcreep:


Be safe everyone!! :walove:

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>How are you taking care of yourself?

- It's just the same everyday. sleep, going to school and take some hand sanitizer, drive home, eat and sleep lol. So I'm taking care of myself pretty good. :lazepeek:
>How long have you been in quarantine? If you're not, how come and has it been difficult not to be?

- It all started in February, but in Denmark there isn't so many infected by the covid19, so it's just going the right way in my country right now. (I hope!):lazewhAAT:
>What’s something that you miss that surprises you? 

- I just miss going out with my friends and have some drinks and then party all night long:lazerollcry:

>How has it been affecting you mentally and physically?

- It has been a little depressing because I'm just alone with my parents lol :lazeroll:
>When all of this is over, will you approach things differently? If so, what?

- I will be weird to see all that people thats just close to each other again. So yeah, maybe I will see something different:lazepeek:

Be safe and careful everyone!!  Wear A Mask Stay Safe GIF by Chippy the Dog

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Sent out the awards to those who have participated so far! 

Thank you guys so much again for sharing and I hope you're all staying safe! My love and thoughts go out to you all still.

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Quarantine has luckily been easy and safe for me. I live in New Zealand, which is one of the few countries where Covid-19 had been completely closed down, with 0 new cases in almost a month. (until yesterday, when 2 people brought it but they've been safely quarantine. I live with my parents whom luckily, my mom was able to work from home. It was kind of nerve wracking considering my dad has a very weak immune system and  so he had to stay at home even when my mother would go out to get groceries.It makes me really sad seeing other countries suffer more than we did, mostly because of governments not believing that covid-19 was worth going into complete lock down, meanwhile New Zealand did and we managed to successfully go all the way back down to level 1. 
I appreciate every single essential worker, especially people working in the medical field who are working together to save as many peoples lives as possible. I hope everyone is staying safe and is following the needed precautions



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At first I was upset when everything shutdown in my town on March 15 (it ruined my birthday plans) and I will admit at first I didn't take it seriously, but I kept up with the news and updates. This is no small matter...my daily life didn't change much, I'm always at home anyway, but its hard knowing that my son or his 2 cousins (we consider them cousin cause I basically grew up with their mom and we consider ourselves sisters..their parents also are our roommates) had their routines messed up cause of the pandemic. So when the stay-at-home order and road restrictions happened it was no big deal for me but I slowly started getting frustrated cause of what my son had to miss out on...his developmental therapy, his special needs evaluation for school, school (he's in the head start home base program where they would come to the house) and seeing his vision specialist from VIPS. VIPS still managed to get us his cane, his developmental therapist was willing to do video calls even though it was hard. I really do appreciate them still trying to make the effort to make sure he got what he needed and I really appreciate the essential workers as my mother is one of them (she works at a nursing home). I hope you all are staying safe and washing your hands ♥

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When the pandemic started happening I could not take it seriously. I thought it was a complete joke and that everyone was freaking out for nothing. The whole toilet paper crazy fanatic made me laugh because people would rather want that over food. When i saw something online ( I don't really watch the news) I didn't find it funny anymore when I saw people getting up beat up for it, trying to get something that they needed but no one had a sense of heart till someone got hurt badly. When I went shopping there was no toilet paper, no canned items, the shelves were practically empty. I thought great, people are taking more to themselves and not thinking about others. Never in a million years would you think you would be in a pandemic that we all are facing together.

My job closed down because it wasn't important enough; mind you it was a bakery with fresh products everyday! How is that not even important over a fast food place? I would rather have fresh wood-fire brick oven bread, croissants, pretzels, pizza, scones etc. Then my family told me I could not visit them or my aunt who is dying of cancer and getting worse every single day. I cried. She's a great person and I wish I could give her a hug before she goes but I can't. I can't call her because she's too weak to hold the phone. I can only text my dad and tell her I say hi and that ill be coming soon as this pandemic is lifted. I had to game more to get it off my mind or I would sit in a corner rocking back and forth going crazy. I had a couple scary times where I had to drive my boyfriend to the hospital because he could not breathe and felt like he was having a heart attack and for me not being able to hold his hand I had to wait in the parking lot. (he's okay now) I'm very thankful for doctors and nurses taking care of everyone and going out of their way to save people! Thank you! 

On a more positive note I've been going on more adventures, quit my job (they wanted me to illegally drive to work with no insurance on my car, they threatened me, bullied me), gaming out, and coloring. I hope everyone stays safe out there and take care of yourself! Lots and and lots of hugs to everyone

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I never expected it would become this big honestly. It took awhile to get to my country and I still didn't pay attention to it, but seeing all what's happening now in the world breaks my heart. How some governments didn't take measures to stop the virus from spreading for not taking it seriously and causing the healthcare system to collapse, losing so many lives due to neglect... it's so sad. There are still people out there saying that this is a lie. In my country some say that they're using Covid-19 to flood the news to cover the economical crisis we've been facing for years, which is so lame. It hurts how selfish some people are, because this isn't about yourself. At first I was like, I don't care about the virus, I don't care if I get it, or if I live or die, but thinking about me possibly spreading this to my family, who are more vulnerable to the virus, that makes me super careful... It's our responsibility to take care of each other. It's nice to see how some people are doing so lately, it feels like there's unity.

I'm not really suffering the quarantine myself, since I've been 'semi-quarantined' for many years now. I don't really have friends to hang out with, I don't have a job nor study, I'm really unstable because of my mental illness and I tend to drop everything I start. I do miss going to concerts a lot though, taking walks at night and visiting my favourite coffee shops and restaurants, that's basically everything I do outdoors. Fortunately I haven't been in the mood of leaving my house so I was partly glad the concerts got cancelled. I could keep my treatment going too, which is nice, I visit my shrink once a month so only had to leave the house 3 times. A bad thing about this is that I cannot see my therapist. He offered these internet meetings but I'm really not friends with videocalls, voicechats, etc. I feel uncomfortable, specially knowing someone could hear me since I don't live alone. My mind is a very dark place and I have horrible self-destructive tendencies, for that reason I tried to look a way to keep myself busy and I joined ArtHaven, which has been doing a really good job as replacement for my therapy lol. It's also kept me productive and it feels nice, so I hope this lasts and I don't quit like I always do. :lazetears: 

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who's out there risking their lives to help others in need; my heart goes to them and everyone who has lost their loved ones to the virus. No one is going to read this but if you do please stay safe, do it for yourself and for everyone else, your life is precious. :byaslove:

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Hello Haveners!

I want to thank you all for participating and sharing your stories/feelings. I hope you all are holding up alright while keeping yourself & others safe!


When we first made this event, we promised to make a donation pool and gave you all a list of charities to vote on! The poll is now closed and the following charity was chosen with 34% of the votes going to Doctors Without Borders. 


A brief description of this charity:

Doctors Without Borders is sending aid to the countries hit hardest by Covid-19 and strengthening the infection controls in its already established programs, as well as maintaining existing help in the 70-plus countries it regularly assists.


We're looking to raise $500 for this charity so if you would like to help toward that you click below to donate!



All awards up until this point have been sent out! 


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