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Draw the Person Above You v2


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Draw the Person Above You

Welcome to DTPAY!  Here, you can claim a spot to make an art piece for the person who posted before you!  Everything posted here will be free, so you are only encouraged to play if you are not expecting anything in return from the person you are making art for. 
This thread is not meant to get special custom artwork made of your OCs/screenies.  If you are claiming, you are meant to make your own interpretation of the avatar image the person you claimed is wearing.[1]  No one should be posting OC stash links, toyhouse links, references, screenshot galleries, etc. when they go to claim.  The only exception to this is if you were posting some information about your current DP to help the person who claims you, if it is necessary.[2]
Current Moderators Managing DTPAY thread: @Baah  @Amy  @Luxor


Rules & Guidelines


  • We do send out reminders/warnings for excessive misses here.  It is not fair to the people who actually participate when others come in, claim without doing anything, take their free artwork, and leave.
  • Do not post unless you're claiming. If you wish to thank someone, edit your claim post. Failure to abide by this rule will cause your post to be deleted and subsequent warnings will follow.
  • If you're claiming someone, try to complete it within 24-48 hours at most.  If something comes up, edit your post with a WIP or a message saying you may be late.  Even if you PM your claimed person directly, you still need to edit your post with a note.
  • You are only allowed to claim one person at a time.  Do not claim another person until you are 100% finished with your previous one.  No one should have more than one claim at a time. 
  • Please do not rush your art just to get a free piece; put effort into it. ( Stick figures, hastily drawn images, or images with minimal effort/care do not count. )
  • Do not paint over or trace the avatar image of the person you claimed.  You are meant to draw the image yourself.  Please review our guidelines on tracing and other forms of art theft by clicking here.
  • Even if the claim has been PMed to the user, you still must show proof of the drawing in your post. Failure to do so will result in a strike. 

[1] This does not mean to take the user's avatar image and draw on top of it.  Please refer to the rules.
[2] Links will be removed and multiple occurrences will result in either a warning or temp ban from this thread.

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