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lamb.png.33436aca4da3433d22244e4f0544d850.png  plush.png.177c2b0e4fa2773545691080ef1462c3.png


[ My Melody Stamp // 001 ] [ My Melody Stamp // 003 ] [ My Melody Stamp // 005 ] 




hi all! welcome to my shop, i hope you like my artsu.





- all Art Haven rules apply

- no refunds at all or charge backing

- use form provided

- no furries, nsfw, mecha, elderly, large armor

- response timeframe max 2-3 days, you will be skipped if no reply

- payment upfront

- photo references mandatory

- please be patient and kind, i am a student :(

- no stealing, tracing, removing text, or editing art after purchase

- you may resell my art for less than original value

- reseller must pay for text change fee, not the new buyer

- i have the right to decline any orders i do not want to do

- all art is for personal use only, commercial use prohibited





you will receive an invoice via PayPal from me!

you can PM me your email if you prefer as well.

payment must be sent in 24 hours, if more time is needed you must notify me












style.png.b85d665ada261399406f53fff36b3212.png  $15 bust up


526.gif.0c19f8b674454f075e7fe8601a7c2d06.gif 513.gif.a6e2eb9b65febba9cfc2e2ce3deb3a66.gif 489.gif.febd990a54da58c8fab4d22fc655ef6c.gif 499.gif.fea875f53077303f23319dddf08ac68b.gif


487.png.74b687c9647b840b8aa00403cbfc87c2.png 479.gif.23a9d80b741c4d55d4dcb340f63134b2.gif 464.png.00cd4ded6bc25cc872e435696f32183f.png 405.gif.db0e62b69d8b08852f99f2e0849470ae.gif





can choose 4 max on one DP


prop/plushie +$3

blinking/winking  +$1/person

floating sparkles  +$1

moving accessory  +$1/each

expression change  +$2/each


additional character double base price

complicated character +$3

detailed background +$2








text: (one max)




animations?: (optional)

paypal email: (can be PMed)





normal (closed!)

- Lemonroll pg.4 (paid)

- Velxie pg.4 (paid)

- kiths pg.4 (paid)


bribe $5 (closed!)








tumblr_static_2jbwheyko3uo8gkw0cwwgoc tumblr_static_2jbwheyko3uo8gkw0cwwgoc



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13 hours ago, Alex said:

hi cutie hope ur doing good n i keep reading ur shop as lampplush but it sstill cute uwu

text: (one max) Alex

style: 1


pose: idk, up to you really, think "winter queen"

animations?: (optionaL) gimme that floating sparkles bb

total: 16 dolla

hii omg i hope you're doing good as well!! and LOL lamp works too :p payment can be sent and adding you to slots now :^)

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