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pmcats stickers (corgi, cat, girls)

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Hello! I had some art of my printed as stickers and am looking to sell them. I have an etsy shop, but offer a discount if you order from me directly.


Each sticker is $4 and includes free shipping within the USA.

+$1.50 for shipping outside of the USA.


  • Stickers will be sent through USPS, first-class regular mail with no tracking (just like a normal flat letter).
  • Bubble mailer packaging + tracking are an additional fee.
  • No refunds, returns, or exchanges, but I will be happy to work with you if stickers are lost or damaged in transit after a reasonable amount of time has passed.
  • Contact me if you are interested in a custom digital sticker design (digital file only, although I can recommend you the printing service I use).


Options (sizes approximate):

1. Corgi (2 inch)

2. Flower Girl (3 inch)

3. Cool Cat Club (3 inch)

4. Beach Girl (3 inch)



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