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website coding

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$50 limited edition: 4 left.


  • Fully customizable, and easy to edit. I will edit the card faces and back upon request, you just need to supply the images. I include a document on how to edit it yourself, so you can show off any tarot decks you make with a working digital copy.
  • Simulates a real deck, it creates a deck from the images provided, has fully integrated card meanings, and has reversals with their own card meanings. You will never get the same card twice until the deck runs out.
  • rotate cards, set them down, and pick them up.
  • Click for an example


I will do custom homepages, websites, or applets upon request and upon availability. Prices vary depending on complexity, and higher complexity may require i-frame magic. Prices vary depending on complexity. My normal rate is around $30 + $1 per line of code for customs. 


  • Support: If you buy from me, I will give you full lifetime support of any issues you face. As long as the support doesn't require heavy customization, its free of charge.
  • Web hosting: Buy from me and I will create your own free website, on a free hosting platform. If you cover the cost, we can even get you your own custom domain. 
  • Full license: A full license means you can use this to make money. You can include the code in as many things that are being sold, or make ad revenue as you would like. The only thing you can't do is sell the base code itself for other people to use; Just refer them to me for that.
  • customization: Decide in a year or two that something needs to change? I'll change it. Small customization are free of charge, and larger ones are pretty cheap ($5-$10 depending on how extensive you want)
  • Ad Revenue: If you decide to take your website and host it with a custom domain name, I can help with integrating the ad revenue to your new website. 
How To Order

1.Contact me by one of these methods: 
   [removed by moderator]

    Or reply below.


Tell me what you want to buy, and any specifications about it. 


2. I will send you my paypal.me: That will be the only source I accept, as paypal will protect both of us

3. I'll make any adjustments, and once you're happy you send the money, and I give you the codes.

Free premades

These are short codes that will add some small functionalities.


smokey letters

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