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Aqcage | Compendium

Catalog Supply (w/icons)(poll from shop)

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Hello! So in my AH main icon/banner shop I have a poll for: Would a service where I style your catalog w/ the new icon interest you? (All you do is upload the icon to the product, I do the rest.)


And I wanted to finally make the thread for us to detail out the idea. 


PLEASE NOTE: This is not a live service I am offering at this time. With good feedback, GR and I will build out a plan and it's pricing. The following is a rough outline/idea that sparked our interest as artist and mod.


"Catalog Supply Package"
+ Comes with developer's bundle (I create your icon / pending / banner)

+ I then would take the icon I made for you and make-over your catalog with the new icon design.

  • You would have to provide screenshots for all products. (Or gift m everything.)
  • We would meet and talk about how you want the screenshot/product to look in the icon.
  • After approval, I would create all icons for your catalog > send you a Google Drive folder with your finished icons > and you'd upload.


EXAMPLE OF THIS: https://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=26435999 | this is my IMVU catalog.


My own catalog has an array of icons - some pending, most aren't updated and I have 262 public products. With my service, I would make a new icon for this user and update all icons in their catalog to have that same matching icon.



  1. Time | there will be a quote given based on how many complete pages I'll have to work on. But it will be a longer project on my end.
  2. Products | to be a full one-stop service I would need all the products so I can take *hiResNoBg myself. I can also schedule a "photoshoot" for the products or who ever is ordering can give me a non-shadow screenshot bank of items. Or maybe I can budget in the cost of all items and I go buy them?


I'd like to know your feedback on this. :)

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Would I Buy This?:

Hell yes!


Opinion Or Suggestion:

To save on time I think it should be in bunches. So like there is 27 Icons to a page, give or take, either do it in a full page or possibly half that. I also think an option of "Artistic Freedom" should be allowed. Example....They state that and give you and over all theme or vibe of their shop and that's all you do your vibe awesomeness off of that and the ending is a surprise. I think it should also be no returns or refunds for this work as it's ALLOT of time and effort on your side, and the buyer is basically just laid back and chilling.

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