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Hey Haveners!


With the Marketplace release on the horizon, we want to give it another good testing before we call it finished.  Previously, only selected beta testers were able to participate, but we're opening this final testing phase up to the entire website to participate.  The marketplace is already set up for custom orders or one-time purchases (premades) in the appropriate categories.


If you're interested in using the new marketplace, information and more is provided in the applicable community post, which is now open to everyone:



All updates and further information regarding the testing will be made available in the same Beta Testing community linked above.


Thanks for your participation and happy testing!

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To access the marketplace, click the Marketplace drop-down in the navigation menu and choose "Services Marketplace" to view it.


Here is a quick guide on how to add and use a listing: 


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12 minutes ago, Angel said:

@Alismora I'm attempting to create new feedback but there's no button to submit anything? Unless it's in another location or im not seeing it :psobbing:




The buttons to submit will pop up once you join the community!

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