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Don't really have a personal fursona I am happy with but, I'd love a fur suit of my favorite guy Tanezumi.

Tanezumi is considered a muse, a form of a fake creature that only exists due to the creative expression of a human. Standing at a very short 5'3" He exists in urban areas of expression. Drawing big inspiration from the area of New York City. The boroughs of the boogie down Bronx graffiti culture and grunge aesthetics. His clothing is based on the ideas of high fashion, grunge, future wear but hugely from Streetwear without big-name branding. He is part of the Radical Artist Troops otherwise known as R.A.T to fight corporate greed and invasions. He aspires to be a muse leader or influencer to help cement Urbaniita (His home) into a solid muse hub. He lives in a broken subway car deep underground that is still able to travel from muse central areas of influence like modern dance, ballet, classical and more. He uses forms of parkour to traverse the areas he finds but when faced with enemies uses his paint gun to fight. He can change the type of attack by the type of spray paint can insert into the gun. Although his name is two types of rats and first conceived as a rat Tanezumi is a cat-like creature. Often very cold and distant with people he is very sarcastic and witty in nature often similar to the popular young adult superhero spiderman. 

Tanezumi's playlist


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