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Bidding in the Services Marketplace


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Bidding in the Services Marketplace


As we continue to use the Service Marketplace for AH held auctions, we want

to make this a permanent topic to help new bidders. You must read this to familiarize

yourself with the new auction process! 


LAST UPDATED: 12/14/2020




All general auction rules apply, including the following:

  • You must have the full amount that you bid, when you bid. 
  • Payment plans are not allowed in AH auctions, winners must pay within 48 hours.
  • You must bid through the Services Marketplace, PM bids are not allowed
  • Winners must pay through Art Haven, no other payment methods are allowed.*
    • PAYMENT WILL BE HANDLED PRIVATELY FOR THE WINTER 2020 AUCTION. Winners will exchange payment information like normal at this time.
  • You may only auto-buy two pieces.


*See 'How do I pay when the auction ends and I'm the highest bidder?'

FAQs & Rules Breakdown

  • Where is the auction being held?
  • What is the difference between the two categories, 'Global Halloween Auctions' and 'No AutoBuy'?
    • Spoiler

      To view all listings in the Halloween Auction, please click 'Global Halloween Auctions'.

      image.thumb.png.9378702bf744a253a7695cfce7db4f76.pngThe 'No AutoBuy' category just groups all the listings with no auto-buy amount, together.


  • What does 'Current Bid' mean?
    • Spoiler


      This is how much the piece currently costs based on the most recent bid or starting price. 


  • *What does 'AutoBuy' mean?
    • Spoiler


      This is how much it costs to automatically win the piece. Not all pieces have an auto-buy amount, but if it does and you would like to auto-buy it, click the red 'AutoBuy' button on the listing to claim it!


      This will take you immediately to checkout.


      ***FOR THE 2020 WINTER AUCTION, Auto-bids will be kept track of manually. Anna and I, along with the auctioneers, must keep an eye on bids resulting in the auto-buy amount and end the listing. If you see a bid totaling to the AUTO-BUY amount, do not bid any further and please wait until the listing is closed.***


  • *How do I bid?
    • Spoiler



      Select the listing you would like to bid on, and click the green 'Bid' button. This will display the current bid on the piece, as well as the minimum amount you must place to bid on the piece. For example :



      this piece's current bid is at $45, and you must enter in at least $50 to bid. If your bid will exceed the seller's auto-buy amount, do not bid. Click the auto-buy button instead!




  • I want to ask the auctioneer a question about their piece, where should I go?
    • Spoiler

      Please click the 'Contact via PM' button on their listing. Do not contact sellers off-site!


  • *How do I pay when the auction ends and I'm the highest bidder?
    • Spoiler

      When the auction ends, an invoice will be automatically sent to the winner. The winner will receive notification of this through their email, but they can also view their invoice in 'My Purchases' or 'My Orders'. 


      Checkout only allows payment through PayPal or with credit/debit.


      **FOR THE 2020 WINTER AUCTION, Payment will be handled PRIVATELY. Winners will be sent an pm of their win, and will exchange payment information like normal. No invoices will be sent.


  • How and when do I receive my piece?
    • Spoiler

      This part hasn't changed too much! You will receive your piece after payment like normal, the auctioneer will contact you via PM to exchange the piece. Pieces must be exchanged within 48 hours of payment.


  • Help! I did not receive an invoice even though I'm sure I won the piece! Not Applicable for the 2020 Winter Auction
    • Spoiler

      Please contact @Demon or @Anna if you're missing an invoice ASAP!



  • Are you sure my piece AB? It says it sold, but the highest bid is not the AB and I'm confused. Not Applicable for the 2020 Winter Auction
    • Spoiler

      If your piece has been AB it will have a red sold tag on it, and will be removed from the active unsold section. Pieces that have been AB are paid for when they are AB, so please be patient while the funds make its way to your AH wallet. 

      You won't see the bid that is a AB in the bidding history, because it is automatically paid for when they follow through with the auto-buy.



  • I sold a piece, the auction ended, where can I find my money? Not Applicable for the 2020 Winter Auction
    • Spoiler

      Once the winner has paid for their invoice, you money will show up in your AH Wallet! 


      There is a 5% processing fee, or 'commission fee', when using our marketplaces to process the transactions made on-site. This is a one-time fee taken before the money reaches your account. You will not have another fee when you withdraw from your AH Wallet to PayPal, what you get in your wallet is what you will receive when you withdraw. 


      Art Haven does not profit from this fee.




Have more questions? Send a PM to @Demon or @Anna!


credit: banner


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