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AH Winter Auction Sign-ups

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As the weather gets colder and the nights stretch on, we want to invite you guys for 

the last AH auction of the year! This year's winter auction's theme was decided by

you guys this time, and as a result we're taking a special twist on the usual Winter Wonderland.

This year's theme is Mythic Winter Wonderland, a peek into how mythical creatures like faeries, demons, gods and goddesses, etc., are enjoying the snowy weather.


Sign-up deadline: Nov. 22nd

Auction Dates: Dec. 14th - Dec.20th


We will be keeping auctioneers up-to-date through private message regarding submission deadlines, any additional rules, etc.

Sign-up Rules


❄You must be able to make some sort of artwork: drawings, paintings, avatar edits, etc.

❄You must incorporate the theme into your piece. See spoiler for more information regarding the theme, but all participants will receive this and any extra information in a pm.


Mythic Winter Wonderland:


Depict your choice of mythical/mythological creature enjoying the winter weather outside(i.e. frigid temperatures, snow). Your choice of mythical creature must be an actual mythical creature and not simply made up. (i.e. a special, custom monster oc with no historical/folkloric precedence vs. Cthulhu/Zeus/a demon/etc.)


Examples: Faeries in the snow, nymphs hanging out in frosted trees or lakes, demons bundled up in a blizzard, Hestia warming up in a snowy forest at a bonfire, etc.



You must keep tabs on your pms throughout the duration of the auction.

❄You must submit your piece by the submission deadline: Dec. 12th

❄You are allowed to advertise your piece/talk about the auction!

❄No more than 3 piece are allowed to be submitted.

❄The auction will be held in the Services Marketplace again! 


More information will be given after sign-ups, so keep an eye out for your pm after Nov. 22nd.

This is not a charity auction so all money made will go to you.



❄ I would like to sign-up! ❄



1. euntae 2.ombrxge 3. RoxyLalonde 4.Necromancess
5. Martinus 6. Paryuu 7. Bunila 8.McDolly
9. Xaleth 10.Lilium 11.dwrhmi 12.Viruz
13. Jack 14. Vee 15. Dewsh 16. HinabKu
17. Calypso 18.yyebuan 19.Keihi 20.Challie
21.Ibusemi 22.Algorithm 23. Pey 24. Popcorn
25.EvilAngel 26. Simi 27.Baah 28.Levudazed
29.Juni 30.Magicis 31.Lunna 32.Adorelee
33.Celeste 34.Tauro 35.Arias 36.Snowcandymagic
37.Bellosom 38.Windows 39.tooshie 41.Griseus
42. nui 43. Gerillia 44.palth 45.LinasTired
46. Octarine 47. Hauntings 48.Kakushemu 49.Avox
50.Lineara 51.Demon 52.gnocchi  


Please pm me or @Anna if you have any questions!


credit: banner


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