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Ton-Kot-Sua Japanese broth made from pork marrow, typically served with ramen.




Lately I haven't been feeling all that great about my art...I have had a lot of anxiety surrounding it. We're all our own worst critics I suppose. I want to focus on self-care and making myself happy with what I create. As such, I decided to close down my commissions for now and do some free art where I can have some fun and play around with different things without the fear of people paying for it looming overhead.


I will not be doing these in order, instead I will go with what catches my eye. My main focus is going to be on DPs but I may throw in some full-body pieces here and there. 


Thanks for helping me. :blove:










Pixel by Doosio


Art Examples/Wips:


MySona.png.08609dcda80c353cc56e8e53a794daa0.png Fairy_pYOC.gif.1a6e70ded292e18e8e422ad75a2b0ddd.gif




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Heyy seeing this is free, there will be a link to my characters. Feel free to choose one you'd like to work on most, I really dont mind and if you want you can experiment a bunch <3

References should be in the gallery tab and if theres any question about any of them, you can always dm me on here or disc (same user)

Text: Tessi

Watermark: InnocentTessy


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Text: Ketura

Watermark: Goretary


Background?: Flat Color? or References? Demoness dark but cute at the same time .



Text: Violetta 

Watermark: Goretary

Reference(s): just make her like Dead Cute bloody and cute mostly Background: just something with blood splatter



Text: Rainn

Watermark: Goretary


 Background:  dark but cute at the same time .


Please choose which ever  inspires you the most . Thank you for considering ^~^.

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