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🎈 Barumin adopt batches/singles🎈

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🎈All adopts posted must be made and drawn by you.

🎈Once you sell all adopts, you MUST edit the topic to say its closed or sold out.


🎈 All adopts must follow the trait sheet, if your unsure just ask me!

🎈 If using a base, please make sure to credit! Barumins are pretty small so make sure any art made resembles that! 

🎈 Please respect all artists and their work, follow AH rules and

make sure to only offer payment if you have it.  


🎈  Barumins may be resold or traded but please DO NOT POST IT HERE. 

Theres a topic for that! 


🎈 DO NOT make multiple LEGENDARY Barumins, these are special. You may only have 1-2 per batch. 



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  • 7 months later...




adopts you want: (3 maximum) 

your paypal email:



Skin colours & Genders may be edited and changed<3 

However designs must stay relatively the same.


:balloonemoji:Hello everyone! Its time for a big Barumin batch wahoo! :balloonemoji:



- DO NOT change any traits. These barumins have been drawn with their own traits, they must stay that way.

- Please dont change the designs greatly.

- Do not resell for higher then you buy for.

- Please do not send me payment, i will send you yours in an invoice.

- Please tell me who you resell/trade too.

- I  only hold for 24hours. Do not buy IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FUNDS.

- This is a closed species, do not make your own without a MYO ticket.





:balloonemoji:1.  Common - Otter - $12

:balloonemoji:2. TAKEN

:balloonemoji:3. TAKEN

:balloonemoji:4. TAKEN

:balloonemoji:5. Common - Mouse - $10

 :balloonemoji:6. TAKEN



:balloonemoji:7. TAKEN


:balloonemoji:9. TAKEN

:balloonemoji:10. Rare - Wolf - $14

:balloonemoji:11. Rare: Wild cat $14

:balloonemoji:12. Uncommon - Bear - $10




:balloonemoji:13. TAKEN


:balloonemoji:15. Uncommon - Panda - $14

:balloonemoji:16. Uncommon - Deer - $16

:balloonemoji:17. TKEN



:balloonemoji:19. Uncommon - Rabbit - $12

:balloonemoji:20. Uncommon - Red panda - $10

:balloonemoji:21. Rare - Fox - $25 from @ Baah!!



1a. kats batch

1. common - wolf $ 10

2. uncommon - mouse - $10

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