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♡ [5] lotus semicustoms // NEW: deco polaroids ♡

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general rules
(some ychs may have rules specific to them, so please double check!)

complex characters may cost extra than the specified price

characters without a single, clear reference are $5 extra (visual refs are still needed - art you own, photos, etc)

CAN DRAW: Any gender, humanoids/kemonomimi, flat-faced anthros, gore, lewds, OCs, fanart, irl people**

CAN’T DRAW: furries, elderly, anything that would drastically change the base (for ychs)

**I won’t draw gore or lewds involving irl people.

DP crops are available for all ychs upon request (unless otherwise specified), though I can't always guarantee the files will be small enough for imvu.

text/watermarks can also be added upon request.


deco polaroid ychs // $22ea

320x440px & 160x220px sizes, blinking included <3

poses, polaroid layout & text placement are fixed - the deco can be customised to anything fairly simple~

extra animations can be requested, pricing as per my commissions thread


ych: polaroid
character ref:
pose: 1 / 2 / 3
deco: (include colour)
watermark: (optional)
paypal address:


1. Han @ ah/discord

summer onee-san & summer imouto ychs // $45ea (1 slot each only)

pretty much everything but the poses & background are customisable (female anatomy only)

[OPEN] summer onee-san: includes blink + wink animations

[OPEN] summer imouto: includes blink, blush & teary eyes


extra animations can be requested, pricing as per my commissions thread

"crybaby" ych // $25 [unlim]

this ych won the popular vote in my discord server, so I'll be taking new slots for two weeks <3


the tail is part of the base, I can't remove it or change it's shape too dramatically.
I could try to turn it into a pillow instead; +$3
I can alter the ear shape slightly or remove them, but if you'd like them completely redrawn (eg, perked up) that will also be +$3

YCH: Crybaby
Character reference:
Background colour:
PayPal address:
Any notes:


1. SeinaLuna @ Discord
2. momo-lucario @ dA

base by nukababe

"mini cheeb" ych // $30


I won't be limiting slots for this one, I'll just close when I feel like it~


-two choices for tail shape
-four choices for facial expression
-four choices of floating item, or a custom item if desired


-Custom floating items are +$4
-Recolours to existing floating items are +$2
-If your character doesn't have a tail, please specify the tail colour.
-Headband and tail colours can be customised.
-I can't change the tail shape, or add accessories etc to the tail, due to the number of frames ><
-Some design details may be simplified to suit the style.

YCH: Mini Cheeb
Character reference:
Expression: [A/B/C/D]
Tail type: [A/B]
Item: [A/B/C/D/Custom/None]
Headband: [A/B/None]
Background colour:
PayPal address:
Any notes:


mocaverse @ dA

art @ discord

base by moehikaru

coming soon


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