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Update #3: Spring Cleaning, Marketplace Status

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Hello Haveners!


The staff team has been busy quietly working behind the scenes to get some much needed work done towards our goals for 2021!  We have quite the list of changes and improvements to discuss with you guys.  For the next coming weeks, I'll be posting various announcements going over a couple of things at a time, so that we don't overwhelm the community with too much information at once.  Keep checking back to see what's new and what's coming!



Marketplace Development

We are currently in the process of hiring a new developer to create a new marketplace customized specifically to our needs.  If you missed the prior announcement, the development of our previous marketplace had to be stopped due to our developer unfortunately passing away from a motorcycle accident.  Since we cannot use any of the work from the prior developer, we're basically starting over from scratch. 


To be as transparent as possible, this will take a lot of time, and quite a lot of money to complete (we're already looking at budgeting in the thousands without any work having been done yet), but we feel like it's time to take that leap into modernizing our platform.  Having a built-in dedicated marketplace (similar to the one we have for digital files) for commission work is something that a large part of our active artists have been requesting for the past few years since forum based markets are increasingly becoming outdated.


At the current stage, I don't have many updates to give you, but we will try to bring you along and keep you as updated as possible on the process as we go.  We have combined the feedback and feature requests from the last marketplace and added them with the staff feedback and feature requests and are using that as a blueprint.  Because of the nature of working with software, I want to hold off on listing the features of the new marketplace we have in mind as I don't want to give false promises in case we have to make changes during development.


Forum Spring Cleaning

We have gone through and cleaned up the Forums, creating new category organization, getting rid of sections that were barely used, and moving items to areas that made more sense.


More specifically:

  • The "Critique & Pricing" section has been removed.  The "Master Critic & Pricing" topic has been renamed to "Art Critique & Pricing Advice" and moved/pinned to the Off-Topic section.  You may continue requesting critique and pricing for your pieces there instead of having to create an entire topic for it in another section.
  • The "Arts & Crafts Services Marketplace" category has been renamed to "Marketplaces".
  • The "Custom Art", "Premade Art", and "Free Art" sections in the "Marketplaces" category have been combined under a new sub-category called "Artwork".  They are still their own sections, but are nestled neatly within their own sub-category since they're all related.
  • The "Webmaster Marketplace" category has been removed as all marketplaces sections are being combined under one category. A new sub-category named "Coding & Design" has been added under the "Marketplaces" category, and the "IMVU Homepages" and "Web Interfaces" sections have been added to the "Coding & Design" sub-category. 
  • The "3D Marketplace" category has been removed for the same reason of combining all marketplace sections.  A new sub-category named "3D Files & Assets" has been added under the "Marketplaces" category, and "Custom 3D Creator Files" has been added to the "3D Files & Assets" sub-category.  "Premade 3D Creator Files" still links to the digital file marketplace.
  • The "Off-Topic" section has been moved back to the "Miscellaneous" category.


Hopefully the Forums are much easier to navigate and less cluttered without all of the extra categories and sections.  



Navigation Spring Cleaning

Every year or so, we monitor the activity of certain sections to see which areas of the website people are accessing more, so we can make those links priority.  A couple links have been removed from the main navigation, and all sub-links have been removed from "Forums" and "Store".  The links for the store were added as Quick Links that can be accessed from the store homepage in the sidebar.


All links associated with our old marketplace have also been removed.  (I tried my best to get them all.  If you see any that aren't supposed to be there, feel free to pop a bug report into the tracker by clicking the help button.)


Your wallet link has been moved to your user navigation.  (The links that pop up when you click your little profile photo at the top of the website.)



That's all for now!  I'll have another update post within a few days or so.  Feel free to leave any comments or feedback as it helps improve the site!

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