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Getting around


Hello !

I’ve been on artheaven for a long time now since when it was called Art Haven, but as I came back everything changed.

I feel like my art is better and could sell here and I could learn lots of new things :psideeyes:

I have a few queries :

1. How do I add images to my gallery ? ( yes it might sound stupid but I haven’t figured out yet …)

2. Do I really need a google docs table to set up a shop or I can just write the prices and info in html ?

thank you all in advance fir your support ! 

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2 answers to this question

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Hey there, welcome back! 


1. This is not a stupid question! To add an image to the Gallery, click the red Submit button here, choose the category your art falls under (most common is Digital Art > Drawings & Paintings), click the + button on the next page.

When submitting your piece to the gallery, you'll upload the image and click on the image you want to add a description to:


You can also add tags, credit, copyright and mark it as mature. Our EC guidelines may have changed while you were gone so if you're at all unsure of what we consider Mature Content, check out Explicit Content under Posting Restrictions


2. Unfortunately, HTML for table making is not currently available and may not be in the future, but has been brought up before! From what I've read, it would be a massive project to implement. There are guides out there to help you with table-making, and some users who actually sell shop templates (my Custom Shop table was created by Fervent!) 


If you need anymore help, please don't hesitate to reach out! If you want some suggestions on what to do, I laid out some features here too: 


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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