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Welcome to the annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

The goal for this event is for you to find all the letters that spell out “E A S T E R” throughout the site!

For each of the letters we will provide you clues to help you along your journey!

You will need to find all the letters in order to receive the reward.


How it works:

Using the clues we've provided, seek out each of the letters to make up the word "Easter".

Once you have found all of the letters, you must send a screenshot of the letters and links to the posts to an Event Coordinator.

Here is what the letters will look like:




flower-bullet.png Anyone can participate!
flower-bullet.png Each letter will be located within the first 5 pages of each topic.
flower-bullet.png Eggs are spread through these sub-forums: All customs, all premades, all requests & trades, all off-topic. 
flower-bullet.png Do not spoil the fun by telling others where the letters are. 
flower-bullet.png Do not post your finding/results in public and/or private. 
flower-bullet.png No asking for help from anyone other than an Event Coordinator. 
flower-bullet.png PM your screenshots and links to @Solaire

flower-bullet.png The most important rule is to have fun!


Everyone who participates in this event

will receive the following badge:




The participants who find all the lettered eggs fastest will win:  

1st place:  3 months elite

2nd place: $10 Account Credit

3rd place: 1 week ad-space


The sole participant who finds the golden egg first will win 6 months elite!











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L E T T E R : E

Topic: a person who prepared and sold medicines and/or drugs.
Forum: Where members can order a specific piece of art.


L E T T E R : A

Username: A small case, round and cylinder-shaped.
Forum: Guides, and help for all to use.


L E T T E R : S

Topic: Delicate, divine, something that seems out of this world.
Forum: A place where previously created work can be sold.


L E T T E R : T

Username: A Greek god, born from the goddess of love and fertility.
Forum: Unrelated topics


L E T T E R : E

Topic:  A place used by an artist or designer to work.
Forum: Where a request can be placed for the artist in order to help them practice, free of charges.


L E T T E R : R

Username: A type of plant, from Asian origins used as a replacement for proteins.
Forum: Where members can order a specific piece of art.




flower-bullet.png Careworn



















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  • Sel changed the title to [2021] Easter Egg Hunt

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