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春 (spring) adoptable | Winner: euntae!

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春 (spring) adoptable | Penguwun x Han Collab Auction!

~ Auction Approved by @Demon ~



What is this?

  • Welcome to a collab auction by @penguwun and @Han!
  • This is a character sheet adopt premade that we both worked on, it also comes with a matching DP!
  • It was a spur of the moment choice for us to collab. We had a lot of fun exploring one another's art style and creating a cute character concept!


Who did what?

  • For the initial full body piece, Penguwun started with the sketch. Han then lined the piece. We discussed color concepts and sent files back and forth. Penguwun selected the colors. Then Han rendered the piece and finalized the character sheet. On the character sheet, there are two anime-style headshots done by Penguwun. There is also a chibi-style headshot on the sheet which was done by Han. Lastly, the DP accompanied with the piece was done by Han.

~ Here is what you're bidding for! ~

You can click to expand the full images.






Auction Rules

  • All Art Haven Rules Apply
  • No private bids will be accepted, you must post your bids in this topic.
  • The payments will be split and made to both @penguwun and @Han.
  • Payment should be sent via paypal to both artists within 48 hours of the auction's closure.
  • Please do not delete or edit your posts.
  • This auction is an adoptable so feel free to make this character into one of your OCs!


Auction Dates: April 6th, 2021-April 10th, 2021


‣ Starting Bid: $20 USD

‣ Minimum Bid Increment: $5 USD

‣ Autobuy: N/A


~ Bid History ~

‣ euntae: SB

Thanks for supporting our auction! :klovee:



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  • Han changed the title to 春 (spring) adoptable | Winner: euntae!

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