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[2021] Save the Planet

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Earth's continents reformed after years, earthquakes, tsunamis, and disasters took the planet....
















Some humans (Haveners) saved themselves by boarding ships to space. Living on Mars is hard but after two centuries, they are out of water. Looking down with satellites, they see that Earth is somehow stable enough, leading their ship to the first continent filled with rivers...









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It’s the year 2321, Earth was deemed inhabitable for more than two consecutive centuries. Impossible to send any volunteers even to check the surface. It started by the roaring anger of Mother Earth, disaster after disaster, slowly reduced the population to half of its glory. People lived underground for years, before finally deciding to board ships, their trajectory ? Space. Their destination ? Mars. Once the humans escaped from their dear planet they left many things behind. Buildings, armories, everything. It was not until then that a fog of nuclear waste wrapped itself around the land. Leaving nothing but despair. The humans were glad they escaped. They cheered and smiled, as their spacecraft led them to Phobos, a moon they will stay on for some years till they prepare Mars for living.


One thing was left unsolved, one thing the higher power did not share with you.

On Earth, there were still humans left behind. The ships could only hold so many.

But secrets do not last forever, and as water and oxygen were harder to come by, the machines rotted on an unknown planet, unable to produce food and reserve for you.


Chaos mingled in the ranks of the now Haveners -as they called themselves-, more and more secrets came to light.


Earth has been seemingly safe for the past ten years, and sightings of fellow humans were even caught with special satellites.

Will you take the risk to board the space pod that will lead you to Earth, and uncover its new secrets and past ?
Or will you, dear Havener, stay on your ship till your resources come to an end?


You took the right choice, Havener. As your ship finally lands on the grounds that used to be Asia. At least that was what your screens were showing. Suddenly, a troop of armed men surrounded your vehicle. Screaming and batting out of their lungs to surrender. They spoke English.
Who seemed to be their chief came closer to the doors as they opened. You stepped out, and he landed you a hand upon investigation, realizing you are human just like him.


“Answer these words and you shall be worthy of entering our realm”

The old wise man spoke, with a firm tone, he gave you a riddle to solve. One that will grant you access to their world.


You hear me, when the world is silent, you can see stars in my coat at daybreak.

And suns in my eyes at dawn.


By solving this riddle, you will be directed to the first Guardian. From there you must say this phrase in order to enter:

"The riddle led me to you (Name of the Event Coordinator), Guardian of the (Realm Name) also known as the (Earth, Fire, Water or Air Realm)."


Here you will learn more of the world you stepped into. Your journey begins here, completing this mission to unlock the powers buried deep into the grounds of each realm.



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This event is an interactive journey that focuses on the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air)

and each one of us (Event Coordinators) are Guardians of those elements.


Your job is simple: venture off into each of these realms, solve three riddles within each (a grand total of 12 riddles altogether), and then you will be granted. What you may ask? You will have to begin your journey to find out. However, be prepared, for the riddles will be challenging. But fear not, have have confidence within yourselves and use your wit to save this planet. Good luck and Happy Earth Day! 🌎


stafficonearthh.png stafficonwater.png stafficonfire2.png wind-v2.png


Atlas / Earth

Keepers of Terra



Sel / Water

Moonglade Bay



Solaire / Fire

Fields of Izle


Fervent / Wind

Eden of Aethra


third-table-text-3.png   third-table-text-2.png
Anyone can participate.
➤ ABSOLUTELY NO CHEATING. ➤ No exchanging answers whatsoever. Do not spoil anything to anyone. 
➤ Do not post your findings/results in public and/or private.
➤ Please be patient when waiting for a response.
➤ And of course have fun!

This system only applies to the three riddles that will be given to you by each Guardian. Not the introductory riddle.


➤ Riddles

  • Riddle one is an open answer to save nature. There is no correct response.
  • Riddle two is based on the element.
  • Riddle three will lead you to the next realm.


➤ Hints & Chances
  • For riddle one and three you are allowed two hints (one each riddle) and unlimited chances.
  • For riddle two you are only allowed one chance to answer, and one hint. Think carefully. The wrong answer can lead you down a dangerous path.

➤ Only one hint will be given per riddle. All riddles from all realms MUST be solved in order to receive the final ???.

➤ Once the the third riddle has been solved you will receive ???, send a screenshot of it when you move on to the next Realm.


third-table-text-4.png third-table-text-5.png

The award system will be based on which Realms you have passed. To unlock all the badges, you must follow through the whole story and answer every riddle correctly.




Keepers of Terra



Eden of Aethra



Moonglade Bay



Fields of Izle

April 22nd


May 14th





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23 minutes ago, bruna said:

Do we have to contact the guardians in any particular order? Or are the stories separate?

There is an order, make sure to read the riddle in the first post carefully to find the first guardian :lazeshowoff: good luck!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just want to pop in and say that the graphics for this event are BREATHTAKING. The profile pictures, the badges, the banner and table- all of it. So beautiful. Y'all really outdid yourselves!! 

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Hello Haveners!

We apologize for the lack of communication regarding the end of this event.

The Event Team had a very busy week and we were not able to get to it.


That being said, we realized how time consuming this event is and that two weeks is not enough.

We have decided to extend the end date for one more week!

That means that you still have time to finish your journey to Save the Planet!

And for any new adventurer, you may start the journey as well!


The new end date of the event is

May 14th @ 12 AM UTC


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post below or message an Event Coordinator!


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