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Quick Update: Staff Changes, Documentation, Ads

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Hello Haveners!


It's been a little quiet in the announcement section, but we've still been working behind the scenes and would like to update you on some recent and upcoming changes.


Staff Changes

Regarding the staff/moderator team, we have recently made the switch from using Discord to Microsoft Teams.  Our reasoning for this is that Teams offers various tools and resources to help improve our workflow and overall production that Discord simply does not have. Discord is more for chatting/community while Teams was built with remote working in mind.  This also helps keep our Discord accounts separate from our Art Haven work as they were always meant to be our personal accounts, but the line would get blurry sometimes because of how many Haveners use both platforms.  This won't effect you guys much, but this change is only the beginning of major improvements that will help us better advocate for our members.  We're always looking for bigger and better so that we can keep up with the community growth and culture as much as possible!


I'd also like to add a quick plug for our administrator Amanda, better known as @Baah.  She has recently had a healthy and happy baby girl and the team couldn't be happier for her!



About a year or two ago, we played around with the idea of having a dedicated help page and even had a rough draft built to test it out, but this idea was put on the backburner as we didn't have any proper documentation to make a help page useful for our members.  This is now changing, and with the help of our assistant, we are creating lots of new help guides and general information pages to make navigating the website easier, especially for our newer members not affiliated with websites like IMVU who may be confused at how out platform currently works.  This also includes a new "Welcome to Art Haven" quick-start guide that will be sent to newly registered users to help nudge them in the right direction once they log in for the first time.


All of our old guides in the Wiki will either be updated or removed depending on the validity of the information and its usefulness to Art Haven as it is presently, and these new guides and pages will be added and properly organized.  This has been long overdue, but we're making great progress and hope to have this project mostly completed, if not fully by the end of summer.


Advertising Art Haven

This is something the Coordinators have gone back and forth on for quite a while as we want to expand our community past word-of-mouth as it has been since 2012, but we were hesitant for many reasons, one being that we were worried about not being able to handle a large influx of new members.  However, it is unfair to all of our content creators here on Art Haven to not be given the opportunity to grow your business and expand your customer base, and is also unfair to our content buyers and lovers as they would not be given a broader selection of creators to choose from when commissioning.


We do not have an ETA on when we will start advertising campaigns, but the timing will corelate with the finishing of the documentation project we currently have.


This also brings us back to our Helper program we discussed briefly last year where we would hand select members based on how they conduct themselves naturally on Art Haven to be a sort of guide/greeter to these new members.  This program will be greenlit and those who are moderators in our Discord server will get first chance at joining this program if they choose.  Afterwards, anyone else interested in becoming a helper will just need to continue being active on Art Haven and being helpful in general to be selected.  (Mind the term helpful as we don't want anyone to end up on the side of mini-modding by overstepping.)  


These helpers will receive a custom title and a small badge on their profile.  They will not have any special permissions or authority as this is not a staff or moderator position.


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to post them down below.


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