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♡ lotus konbini ♡ [waitlist // ychs open]

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welcome to my customs/commissions shop <3 thanks for stopping by!

adopts & premades

if you're interested in early access to any of my commissions/ychs/adopts, wips & previews, etc; do consider checking out my discord!
link is in my profile & carrd, alongside my other social media <3

carrd // trello // tos


♡ terms of service (please read my carrd link for full info) ♡

by placing an order, you agree you have read and understood my tos.


♡ I only accept payment through paypal invoice, square invoice or ko-fi.

♡ payment is upfront and due within 24hrs of me sending the invoice.

♡ strictly no refunds unless I am unable to complete the piece.

♡ you may not make edits to my work. this includes filtering, resizing, adding/removing text, etc.

♡ a watermarked version of your commission may be posted to my social media. if the commission is a gift or surprise for someone, I'm happy to hold off on posting it until the recipient has recieved the art.

♡ major changes are only permitted at the sketch phase. minor colour adjustments can be made at the final.

♡ pricing is for non-commercial use only.

♡ upon completion, you will recieve a watermarked and non-watermarked file. please only share the watermarked file publically to avoid art/design theft (excludes dp art).

♡ I do not remove my watermark from dp-sized art. textless is allowed, but my watermark will still be on it.

♡ do not try to negotiate/lowball my prices.

♡ my art can be resold for the purchase price or lower. If the art is of an oc, the whole oc must be sold together. dp text changes are $3, paid through ko-fi.



♡ large art customs ♡

1000x1000px canvas w/ blinking included
OR >1500x1500px w/ no animation

headshot // $25
bust up // $30
half body // $40

dp or other smaller crops may be requested for free
simple background included (transparent, flat colour, simple pattern, decorative pen etc)


♡ large art samples ♡


large.yuko-parfait_1000px.gif.67394f4f4642e5abb8a157c28f9bb565.gif large.artfight_44th_ashley.gif.eb74223562c3bf66bc9672bc5c664aca.gif large.artifght_smolsugarpuff-ghostie.gif.1d22bd21717562d2ba43fd14f4b1eb7b.gif

(click for fullsize)


dp size customs ♡

320x440px & 160x220px canvas w/ blinking included

dp size // $25
simple background included (transparent, flat colour, simple pattern, decorative pen etc)

dp art is roughly bust-up, see examples

note: while it's not usually a problem, pieces with many animations may be too large for imvu. please keep this in mind when ordering, as I can't tell what a file size will be like until I export the final product.


dp size samples ♡


large.maid-premade_zombie-lg.gif.fccfd9673b1b2d3e5e7c9493c5ae291a.gif large.maid-premade_babie-dani_lg.gif.1b122785171123535733a15afc9e8ba9.gif large.rilakkuma-dp_keiti-lg-v1.gif.22abd9fa19c02b9538c02b31778c9661.gif

(click for fullsize)


♡ reference sheets ♡

ref sheet // $45
includes a fullbody of your character on my sketch base* + 2-3 items (depends on complexity)

*the base can be altered a bit, but won't be completely redrawn


♡ ref sheet samples ♡


large.754911188_sleepysheepyadopt_edit2.png.31b8e6451eb59c13df930922eabfcb35.png large.787370666_gyaruadopt.png.d5c1fe837476aa28d986afe776d91013.png 908090659_fruitsnflowers_blackforestzombimie.thumb.png.237a61b69c5f105ed4acaef96983a67b.png

(click for fullsize)


♡ simple fullbodies ♡

full body // $45
non-animated fullbody artwork with 1-2 layers of shading

dp crops can be added for +$5 (includes blinking)

additional animations are limited to wink, blush, sparkle, teary eyes, arm movement & simple expression change


♡ (new samples needed) ♡



♡ add-ons ♡

custom character // $5

semi-complicated background // $5-$10

alternate dp texts // $3

complicated characters may cost extra, price can vary

♡ animations ♡

simple // $3

(blush, teary eyes, sparkle, wink, arm "bounce")

medium // $5

(simple expression change, small ear wiggle (eg. cat))

complex // $8

(complex expression change, large ear wiggle (eg. bunny), crying, dripping blood)

animation costs may increase if the animated area is complicated

I may also be able to do other animations, feel free to ask ^^


♡ forms ♡


♡ large art & dps ♡

character reference:
commission type:
extra animations?:
paypal address:
extra info:
♡ for dp crops ♡


♡ ref sheets ♡
character reference:
commission type: ref sheet
desired items:
paypal address:
extra info:


♡ ychs & semicustoms ♡

♡ teacup kitty ♡

$30ea, 3 slots available

the ear shape can be altered, complex or large ears (eg bunny) may cost extra


♡ form ♡

ych: teacup kitty
character ref:
cup colours:
bg colour:
paypal address:


♡ slots ♡
1. savage @ discord
2. NightMistOkami @ dA

base by nukababe @ dA


Edited by lotusillustration

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  • lotusillustration changed the title to ♡ lotus konbini ♡ [2/2 slots] new options open!
Posted (edited)

big thread update <3

animated half-bodies are now available, starting at $40!

simple full-bodies are now available, starting at $45!

I've also listed my more customisable ychs here in order to slowly migrate to this thread!

deco polaroid ych // unlim slots // $22

summer onee-san & summer imouto // 1 slot each // $45 $40


I've also lowered regular commission slots to two at a time. these slots do not take into account ychs!


I aaalso set up my carrd properly today, consider checking it out for all my links (as well as my commission info)

thank you for your ongoing support! <3


smol bonus: freebie chibi for cici from discord~


base by nukababe~

Edited by lotusillustration
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random sketchy wip~ I haven't done fanart in a loooong time, but since my vol4 vanilla cosplay arrived I've been wanting to draw her! maybe I'll do a matching chocola in the future? :bgoodjob:

I think I'll set her up for rigging and give aftereffects animation some more practice!


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