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-- Welcome to havarija !

A cozy little shop that was founded by Nickolas, and made together with Kofuku. Here you'll find coded layouts that range from very minimal and simple, to being more complex and variegated. Please remember to read any T.O.S listed, and enjoy your visit! 



-- Nickolas 

Nickolas or also known as "Nick" has been a webpage designer for 7-8 years. Before Nick started, he was known for creating DP images, as well as being a creator. He's expanded his knowledge for making IMVU layouts for years, and continues to learn new coding methods. 


-- Kofuku 

Kofuku, or also known as "Bree" has been on IMVU for 11 years, doing various things. From learning how to do simple layout coding, to making DP's for years. She is here to help with most questions, and help you with any ordering/concerns.




--- You will not take credit or claim ownership of any goods or services.

-- You will not attempt to hide any copyright images left by Magniq on any products.

--- You will not share, nor redistribute any of the contents purchased.

-- You will not take credit or claim ownership of any goods or services.

--- All sales are final, no refunds.

-- FULL agreed price is to be paid up front as a gesture of good faith once the preview is showed.

--- Doing a good job takes time. Understand that the minimum time for an order is 36 hours

-- The wait time can be higher then expected. Depends on the current queue.

--- You will be notified if your order is delayed.




STATUS 0% 25% 75% 100%
USERNAME :blove:      
USERNAME :blove:      
USERNAME :blove:      



i3.png.24be8a2269e0ea0aa7b46f08a9779bf9.png i5.png.daf9c7782092adfe8d6e148bbe15184f.png i6.png.c79982f646f25c4011f9b92b0180dcdf.png i7.png.43a649fbc9c6a0a2af7de6c1a476b29b.png
i8.png.4c5b9f9ecea862d89c7eb946fd945213.png i9.png.47c964773089d9a62393df308c4a1b5f.png i10.png.c8a0846880b8b7fb6f2cd98a0ea065e6.png i12.png.cd3fd117e635c55483ca3ac9f81cdda8.png
i13.png.a48c1af34918e2173379c475222791e0.png i14.png.c894e696847382cb7c1c05aa03efabcd.png i17.png.e4920e468159c4e68b8b37776dd2ecca.png i20.png.13434924c9cef5d13f28087f1806522f.png


















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