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Find the artist


So I have a piece of artwork that I've had of one of my OCs for maybe a few years? I had a link to the artist but the link no longer leads to them and I was hoping I could perhaps find them again to give them proper credit. Their username here was Amalii and the link I have is this https://gasrforum.net/profile/1283-amalii/ which obviously doesn't work anymore. If anyone can find them please contact me!


Here's the artwork



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Hi @Stevie


We have a topic in the help and feedback section that is designed for searching for artists that have created certain artworks. Anyone who recognises the piece will comment to let you know.

It can be found here:


However, it appears the user you are looking for was a member on the old forum but hasn't joined the new forum when we moved over, or moved over with a different username or has changed their username since then. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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