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M E S K | Art Shop! OPEN


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Welcome to my Custom Art Shop!!


I have been away for a long while, and I would like 

to start selling art works to make some $$$ (in need of $) to buy new art tools and allowance.







By purchasing my work, you agree to the following rules:


General Rules

- You CAN use my art as OCs and in any Non-commercial means. (Non-profit ways)

- DO NOT modify my art in any way other than adding text.

- DO NOT steal or remove watermarks! (I'm a struggling artist)

- Use MUST use the form that I have provided :D 

- You WILL receive Textless versions.

- Max 2 changes are allowed after the final version has been shown to you.

- Arthaven TOS Applies.


Payment Rules

*All Payment is through Paypal in USD*

- You MUST Pay the FULL AMOUNT after the sketch has been approved. No Refunds.

- All pre-made are sent AFTER payment is made.

[Removed by Moderator]








Examples and Prices


Display Picture : USD $15

Size : I prefer rectangular ratio





*Chibi (FULL BODY) : USD $50

*Simple Standing poses ONLY






DP: +USD$4 for pet/ gadget  

Chibi: No pets. *Simple Standing poses ONLY



Display Picture/Chibi


Type: (DP or Chibi)

Image Dimensions: (Preferred size)

Text: (optional)

Watermark: (optional)


Price: (tip is appreciated but not a must!) 





Hinata : $25

Status: Available







Edited by Anika
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  • Anika changed the title to M E S K | Custom Art By Anika OPEN!
Posted (edited)

I'm OPEN for orders! :ipayday:










NAME: Progress: Payment:


Done Paid






Edited by Anika
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12 hours ago, Okiniiri said:


Type: Dp

Image Dimensions: We can discuss? :aww:

Text: Jessica

Watermark: Myku

Details/References: Dm ♥

Price: (tip is appreciated but not a must!) 


Hey love, please check your DM <3 and ACCEPTED! 





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9 hours ago, kohzie said:

Type: (DP or Chibi) DP

Image Dimensions: (Prefered size) 160x220

Text: (optional) Koh

Watermark: (optional)

Details/References:  background to have kind of like fairy wisps and something dreamy.. artist choice 

Price: (tip is appreciated but not a must!) 20


Hey dear, love the OC <3 ACCEPTED!  

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  • Anika changed the title to M E S K | Custom Art By Anika OPEN! Wip 4 Okiniiri
  • Anika changed the title to M E S K | Custom Art Shop! Pick up 4 Okiniiri
  • Anika changed the title to M E S K | Custom Art Shop!
On 6/8/2021 at 9:57 AM, Anika said:

Display Picture/Chibi



Image Dimensions:160x220

Text: Vee

Watermark: Brutal


(Bolt the plush in her hands and pippit smirking upside down with a glare (he on her head)) 

Price: 15$+4 for the cat 

Grand total:19$

(if it more let me know💗


Edited by SakuraSlowly
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  • Anika changed the title to M E S K | Custom Art Shop! Wip 4 Kohzie!
  • Anika changed the title to M E S K | Art Shop! OPEN

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