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✧ approved by han ✧  


     Pastel Purple Star Bullet WELCOME! Pastel Purple Star Bullet

Hi it silly me again with another auction :kwave:
I'm still experimenting with auctions and this whole thing of doing Concepts/Adopts. It's just something I'm very fond of!
This time, instead of creating the character by myself like some kind of Premade,
 I thought it would be nicer to 

let the winner be a part of it and order it as they want!

When winning this auction, you get a slot to order from me a Fullbody Concept Art,

where we can give life to a character of yours that don't have been drawn yet, create it from zero

or I could just make a new piece for you of a character you already have!




T E R M S  O F  S E R V I C E  

Please read everything below carefully before you consider bidding!!



  • The winner's payment must be done via Paypal, in USD only.

  • No private bids will be accepted, please post your bid in this topic

  • Deleting or editing a comment is not allowed

  • Payment plans are prohibited as a payment option, as stated in AH Auction rules

  • Do not bid more than you can afford. If the winner cannot pay for the auction,
    the piece goes to the next highest bidder.


  • Please send as much visual references as you can. Text-only descriptions are insufficient as how I imagine a set of
    characteristics may differ from how you do.

  • There will be no changes once the final product is fully rendered and delivered

  • When refering to DP sized artworks, there will be no textless version. The fullbody version
    will always come with my handle/username

  • You can get up to 2 texts on your DP

  • You must ALWAYS credit me for the artwork bought



  • You ARE allowed to modify the character's design in future concepts, as long as you dont edit
    the artwork bought from me

  • You MAY resell this piece and the character ownership for the same price paid, always notifying me and
    the new owner of it.


A U C T I O N   P I E C E  



        [ W H A T  Y O U  G E T ]

  fully rendered fullbody art of 1 character of

  your choice. flat colored background


   SIZE: Around 2000 px

 C O M E S  W I T H

・ transparent PNG version
・ up to two DP sized versions with animation


 M Y   A R T   S A M P L E S

2.gif.605e47f6eeec4693e8c0add0018fe9a4.gif 1.gif.f4ef2c2c98de8fd2876bd38655e32385.gif

click for bigger samples


B I D  S T A T U S  

[ S T A R T I N G    B I D ]

                                    [ M I N I M U M   I N C R E M E N T ]

[ A U T O B U Y ]














             [ B I D    S T O R Y ]
$160 - Milkpaw
             ・$170 - Del
             ・$180 - Baka
             ・$190 - Milkpaw

             ・$200 - Unicorns

             ・$210 - Ravioli_Factory

             ・$220 - Softly

             ・$230 - Milkpaw

             ・$240 - Softly

             ・$250 - Milkpaw

             ・$260 - Softly

             ・$270 - Milkpaw

             ・$280 - Softly

             ・$290 - Milkpaw

             ・$300 - Softly




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