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Cage is here and now set up! I just need to add rock backings to enclose it more. She is loving the new set up!

Thank you so everyone who has participated in this event ... it means more then you know. 

Here is a couple pictures of her in her new terrarium. 








*Stickers will be shown and sent to participants once goals are reached.

  Sticker 1 Sticker 2 Sticker 3 Sticker 4
Lee X X X  
mawsvu X X X  
ahrsenio X X X  
SakuraSlowly X X X  
Squeakz X X X  
Lucidity X X X  
Naden X X X  


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  • Jinvix changed the title to JINVIX - SPECIAL EVENT SALE (1/4)



Type: Bust

Background: Artist Choice

Text: Lee

Watermark: Lee

Extras: Bat Friend The original art has the bat as a stuffed animal and rainbow.

I am wanting it to be as real bat but still want a little bit of rainbow on the bat,,

not exactly sure how to incorporate it. Open to ideas

Details/References: Vix

Hope you don't mind, I just took the form from your other shop cause I wanted to be able to post it before I go to work today. <3

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Style: Line Art
Type: Bust

Image Dimensions/Crops: DP crop

Background: simple/artists choice

Text: Shy

Watermark: maws

Extras: blinking and anything else you would like 

Details/References: HoneyBee, you may use your own freedom with this and do what you think is appropriate.


i hope you meet your goal and im happy to support :blove:


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Sorry for the late reply everyone! i was extremely busy in getting medusa and bringing her home and then being swamped at my job. i have pic updates of her ill add below... she had stuck shed in her eyes that i was afraid i wouldnt be able to get out... but taking her to the vet they were able to get it off and said they think they got it off to where she wont go blind. on to the orders....


@Lee accepted! your total is $50 @mawsvu accepted! your total is $30 @ahrsenio your total is $70


All can either pay now or after sketch approval.... heres my paypal

All pets are free! Since this is a pet event <3 


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  • Jinvix changed the title to JINVIX - SPECIAL EVENT SALE (3/4)
  • Jinvix changed the title to JINVIX - SPECIAL EVENT FULL

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