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Hurricane Hotel Customs ((3/3 open))

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    "And then, through the rain, and the wind, and the kind of feeling that keeps you up into the earliest hours of the morning...


I saw you...


And I finally exhaled."


Premade Shop: 








All art purchased in this shop is for personal use only. Please DM me for anything that will be for commercial use.


Sizes are 960x1320 and 160x220 for DP's unless otherwise stated. Larger art includes DP crop.


If you repost the artwork anywhere please mention/credit me in the post somewhere!


I require a $10 USD deposit before I start your commission.


Please do not trade or resell any art you have purchased from me.


I do not offer textless versions of art on this platform unless asked for them specifically!


I will try to have most commissions done within 1 week of receiving your deposit. In that time you will receive at least 1 WIP shot, and I will update you if it will take any longer than that week timeframe beforehand.


I don't have a specific do's/don't's list, but I will let you know if I do not think I will be able to complete your commission before tackling it.






Cartoony style avalible.














See more finished examples, male examples, sketch examples, and background examples on my DeviantArt here:











You can see even more ((ones that are less recent/just not uploaded to DA)) by checking out the My Gallery section on my page here.


See process videos on my TikTok at yasmine_doesart.





Sketch((includes messy lines, flat color and basic hilights)):


Bust- $10 USD

Half Body- $20 USD

Full Body- $30 USD


Full Art:


DP's- $20 USD

Bust- $30 USD

Half Body- $40 USD

Full Body- $50 USD




Each additional character will add another base price on. Ex. 3 characters bust would be $90 USD.


Small animals/plushies add $5-10 USD depending on complexity.


Larger animals price will depend on the complexity of the animal requested.


Really complicated/busy character designs may add an additional charge.


Simple or solid backgrounds are free. Full backgrounds prices will vary depending on the subject matter. For some more complicated ones the background may even be similar in price to the character. They take just as long if not more sometimes! 


Just explain what you are looking for and I'll give you an estimate if you are unsure of pricing!







Commission type: ((DP, bust, half body, or full body and sketch or full art))


Background: ((Solid colored backgrounds/simple are free. Can be artist's choice if you want.))



Price Estimate: ((I'll let you know if this changes at all))





$10 USD deposit must be paid before I start your commission! 


You pay the rest of the total price after I complete it before I send you the unwatermarked files. 


You can pay me at this link:





1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • YasmineDoesArt changed the title to Hurricane Hotel Customs ((Updated! 3/3 open))

Dropped the semi realism style I had and just going exclusively cartoony/anime for now. It's more fun for me to draw in this style. Finally feels like me.


Also. I updated one of the samples to be a brand new premade I'm going to post as soon as I get done with this post. 🥰

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Updated my DeviantArt to be more clear with folders. It never occurred to me to just open the desktop version on my phone in browser to make them before. 🤦‍♀️😬


Also. Added a couple male sketch examples that are more akin as to what you'd get if you ordered a sketch from me. ❤️

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