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[2021] The Apothecary - Voting


124 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favorite perfume designs according to the letters below.

    • A
    • B
    • C
    • D
    • E
    • F
    • G
    • H
    • I
    • J
    • K
    • L
    • M
    • N

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  • Poll closed on 08/01/2021 at 03:59 AM

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Just around the corner of Haven Boulevard, a magical cape shields a secret from the world. Only if you truly desire, you’ll hear a melody that leads you right to an Apothecary. From the first look, it’s just an old store. Do not be intimidated, just enter and let yourself be guided!

In our English Victorian Apothecary, a variety of things await you ! For now, please follow our chemist Sel, to our special perfume counter, check the chart offered to you and immerse yourself in this world of delightful scents

In this event, our team would like you to draw perfume bottles! Make sure to check the chart presented by the Apothecary below to decide on the special scent you'd like to draw!
However, you need to remember dear Havener that our perfumes are only a limited edition! First to grab is theirs forever. Choose wisely as there's no go backs. And do not worry, our Chemist will make sure to add a second batch of our special bottles if everything goes according to plan!

Once you order the perfume of your choice, by commenting it's name down below, our chemist will contact you in private with a set of keywords to help you concoct the scent chosen earlier. 

Our winners will be picked by the community this time around, and to keep things fair, all submissions MUST be sent to an event coordinator in private. Please remember NOT to post your beautiful art work in this topic.

Did you think this is all? Of course no ! As a special surprise, a second prize will be added. Interested in entering a raffle for one month Elite subscription? All you have to do, is write us a description to fit your perfume. Either it be poetic, a very short story, the origin of the bottle design of your choice, let your imagination roam wild! Simply send it along with your submission and your name will be added to the list!




header-rules.png header-dates.png

✦ Please note that our event is based on perfumes, hence your submission needs to focus on the bottle design, as well as the scent that accompany it.
✦ You can only order ONLY ONE perfume from our chart, choose wisely!
All submissions must be sent privately to an Event Coordinator!
✦ You may use real life perfume bottles/brands as inspiration, simply make sure to add your references in your post.
✦  Every submission must be unique, recycling your old art will not count as proper participation and will not grant you any rewards.
✦  Any sort of art is welcomed, digitally, traditional, pixels, etc.
Make sure you do not post your entry anywhere until after July 31st! 

Yes, this includes sharing on Social Medias, you will be disqualify from the event.
✦ You may sell your work after the event duration is over if you wish.
✦ Late submissions won't fit to receive rewards, make sure to note the final date down!


July 14th

at 12 AM UTC



July 28th

at 12 AM UTC


Voting will begin on

July 28th - July 31st!





The community will choose who wins by voting for their favorite perfume bottle! All submissions will be anonymous until after the voting ends. Make sure to come back and vote for your favorite! The top 3 designs will win 1 of 3 prizes that are shown down below.

The top 3 designs will win the following:

1st: $25 Amazon Gift Card  

2nd: 3 Month Elite

3rd: $10 Account Credit

For those who decided to submit the extra written description of their bottle, you will be enter into a raffle for one month Elite subscription! This is separate from the prizes above, so there's a chance you can win both!


Now on to another surprise! The winning first place bottle design will be the inspiration for the badge! What does that mean? It means that we will make this Event award badge based off of your bottle design! 





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2-top-left.png 2-top-mid.png 2-top-right.png

When you decide on a scent, comment below with the one you want!

One of our chemists will PM you with further instructions.

Please keep in mind, it is a first come, first serve.

After a scent is chosen, it will be removed from the chart!


✦ Forget Me Not

✦ Lavender Dreams

✦ Garden of Roses

✦ Floral Oasis

✦ Citrus Paradise

✦ Earthy Wonderland

✦ Peach Fuzz

✦ Berry Mellow

✦ Creamy Vanilla

✦ Citrus Bliss

✦ Morning Dew

✦ Heavenly Lilies

✦ Jasmine Bliss

✦ Toasty Cinnamon

✦ Orange Delight

✦ Heaven-sent Jasmine

✦ Exclusively Sweet

✦ Peace and Serenity

✦ Revitalizing Citrus

✦ Irresistible Rose

✦ Floral Embrace

✦ Divine Limes

✦ Alluring Lilac

✦ Bottled Primrose







A @Skye




B - @Miah



C - @YasmineDoesArt



D - @Leavyn



E - @PxlDana



F - @Scorpsgeti



G - @Slug



H - @Solaire



I - @Challie



J - @Atlas



K - @Snowcandymagic



full version:



L - @Mouse



M - @Kookyan



N - @DivineYumi





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Hello Haveners, I hope you guys are enjoying this event so far.

But, a brief announcement regarding the posts in this topic.

Please understand that due to anonymous voting all posts in this topic has been hidden.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this event please PM an Event Coordinator.

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!



The Event Team



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Event Coordinator Notice:

The Apothecary finally closed it's doors !

We'd like to thank everyone who participated and submitted their delicate scents.

 Following this post, no entries will be accepted, and the second part of our event can finally start!

Voting will be available as soon as possible.

As well as the result for the special raffle !


And do not worry, all participants will receive the badge accordingly

once our first place winner is chosen.



If you have any more questions or concerns please message an Event Coordinator.

A R T  H A V E N
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  • Sel changed the title to [2021] The Apothecary - Voting


Hello Haveners, now we proceed to the next part of the event. Voting.

There are a total of 14 submissions by many of our talented artists here on AH

Based on the designs you like please choose one (or more) of your favorites. 

With that said voting is now live! 

If you have questions or concerns regarding this event please PM an Event Coordinator.



The Event Team



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