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Unequal l Custom Mesh Accessories

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Me and my partner have decided it's time we get our own place. 
In order for that to happen, we need cash. 
So I've decided to offer custom meshes for a very very limited time. 


Prices - 


Small accessories (Low detailed earrings) - $21
Accessories (Sunglasses+) - $28
Handbags, purses - $42
Anything more complex than the above OR highly detailed - $49/$56


Invoice will be sent when I start your order. Please pay the invoice when I send you a WIP and ask you to pay. 

Small accessories - 1/3 days waiting period. 
Anything larger - 3/5 working days.

Extreme scenarios - 5/7 working days.


Meshes include -

EVERY mesh will include a watermark with your IMVU name.

You can only use your mesh on 1 IMVU account (the one watermarked)

Meshes will be sent as a .chkn (chicken) file so it's all rigged, set up and ready to go! Minimal hassle! 
All meshes come with their UV maps 



If you want to order a mesh that you can do whatever you want with, an additional $20 will be added to the price. 
(Feel free to sell your mesh, use it 100x on any accounts etc. This mesh will also come with no watermark, unless you state otherwise)

Add-ons -
Baked UV textures + shadow maps - $11
License to use on your IMVU alt account - $7

My mesh examples can be found on iClash. 

iClash has and is doing extremely well as a 3D developer. 
iClash's 3D items have been derived from some of the best IMVU creators to come from the platform. 

A few best selling examples of what I can offer -



Feel free to check out the other derivable's available on iClash - all have been made by me. 


Accessory type - 
Reference - 

IMVU Name you'll be using the mesh on - 

Any add-ons? - 

Email address for invoice -


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